• Yes , it can be.

    Make up can be empowering. It isn't always, but when women are give a choice, that is when it's empowering. In the same way we choose what music we like, or what movies we enjoy, the way we present ourselves should be a choice. Empowerment comes from the ability to choose. If society tells me "You are a woman and you HAVE to wear make-up and look a certain way" that IS NOT empowering. But when women are told, "here are these tools, use them how you want" it allows us to create our identity, and to choose who we put forward. It's self expression, and it's a confidence builder. Make-up allows us to change what we dislike (even though it is society who tells us to dislike it).

  • Makeup reminds us to play, dream and be creative

    Nobody really needs makeup to survive. Nor do we need art, music, sports, spirituality and other stuff at the top of Maslow's hierarchy of needs. That doesn't mean that such things don't enhance our everyday lives. Beauty, whether it's found in nature, a piece of art or applied on your own skin is food for the soul. It's an escape from a sometimes dull reality, a reminder that we as adults play way too seldom. It's a way to express your emotions and creativity or to simply retreat within yourself during a morning routine in an almost meditative state where you are the center of your own universe for once. One does not need to confine oneself in a silent ashram in India to do soul searching,picking up a palette and a few brushes is all it takes sometimes. In a world of war, depression, violence and pain, the few things of beauty that we do have should be cherished.

  • Yes, I believe that women can feel more empowered with cosmetic help!

    Now, I don't believe that women NEED cosmetics to be beautiful, in fact, I prefer women WITHOUT makeup, but the facts are these: Most of my female coworkers and friends feel like they can't be seen in public without makeup. Now, whether or not it actually makes a difference isn't important. It's how they feel! If society treated natural beauty with as much esteem as made-up beauty, they wouldn't feel the NEED for it. Just remind them how beautiful they are. Baby steps :)

  • Yes

    Some women feel that they need to apply a heavier foundation because they have pigmentation or redness to cover and don’t know how to achieve flawless skin any other way. Then there are the women who just don’t wear any foundation, but need to and are thrilled to discover that just a little coverage is a good thing!

  • Cosmetics Products Are Not Empowering For Women

    No, cosmetics products are not empowering for women as they cause women to feel that have to appear a certain way in order to be considered valued. Cosmetic products cover up the actuality of a woman and force her to appear a certain way. This can lead to negative feelings about a woman's natural appearance.

  • Its not our true self with it on.

    Makeup un-empowers us, don't get me wrong i wear it and love it. But i also understand that when i don't have it on i am less confident without it so therefore in my true form i am not as empowered. So it doesn't empower 'us' because when we put it on, its not out true selves. Also, we become dependent toward makeup companies for our self esteem boost and therefore and completely reversing the process and becoming dependent instead of the 'independent women' makeup industries claim you will become when you put makeup on.

  • Natural Beauty Equals True Self Esteem

    Cosmetics shouldn't be the determining factor as to the empowerment of women. Unfortunately, we live in a male-dominated society where beauty is paramount. Inner beauty and a natural glow is far more important in a world with hunger, homelessness and poverty. I would rather have a woman who volunteers her time to charity instead of a hottie who wears 10 layers of makeup to work just to get ahead in her job.

  • No cosmetics are not empowering for women

    If anything they are unempowering.....and in a way degrading to women because it teaches them to be uncomfortable with their natural appearance and so insecure that they have to cover it up to look attractive to the opposite sex rather than be comfortable in their own skin. So no I don't think cosmetics are empowering for women at all........quite the opposite in fact.

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