Are Counter-Racists getting too out of hand and aggressive with their accusations?

Asked by: donald.keller
  • Absolutely, it is so obvious.

    It seems that when there is a question of whether there is a case for racism in a given social issue, the counter racist often asserts "get real, why of course it was racist". They either have a very large chip on their shoulder or they have become racist themselves.

  • Counter Racists have became to trigger happy with their claims... They've became Racist themselves.

    Counter Racists (like the NAACP) have started pointing fingers at anybody they can remotely call Racist... And by anybody, I mean white people.

    They only assume someone's racist if that person is White, and the other person is ethnic or Black. They don't even care half the time to prove the person is Racist, and if someone tries to prove it and ends up finding out he's not, they'll call that person racist too.

    They ruin the life's of innocent people because they can't reason with logic, and can't grasp the idea that a White person did something for reasons other than race.

    For people like the NAACP, it's more about making money off lawsuits than anything else.

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