Are countries like Denmark really peaceful because of atheism?

Asked by: LuoKey
  • Yes - removing dogma from decision making leads to a more prosperous, fair society.

    Having faith in a religion implies that one accepts facts without evidence and, in my oppinion, in contrary to evidence and reason. In a democratic society consisting of people with low or no religiosity, I would argue that politicians working for the common good are more likely to be elected based on the strength of their arguments, whereas politicians who take views without support of facts or strong arguments are more likely not elected.
    To MysticEgg on the other side of the argument: why do you require proff to support our side of the argument, while presenting no proof to support your side?
    To Adam2: The relationship with Greenland dates back a long time - long before being Danish implied being an atheist too. Until the price of polar bears and snow skyrockets, the relationship makes little economic sense for the "Danish imperialists". Maybe the Antichrist lives here in Denmark. Maybe I'm the Antichrist.... 'Muhahaha

  • I think YES!

    Religion was always starting biggest wars and genocides. People who are atheists are not brain-washed in their schools/families and they live their own life without any damn rules... We can see that most religious countries are full of criminal and everything.. Just saying, I was Catholic all my life, and my life turned better becoming Atheist...

  • Unknown but likely, though I would say secularism vice atheism

    Religion by nature is divisive. People coming together with common values regardless of religious belief makes for peaceful cohabitation, as there is no need to condemn others who are decent human beings simply because they don't believe in your god.

    I think freedom of religion, and core societal values over religious indoctrination, necessarily lead to a more peaceful society. We get down to an understanding of people, rather than wanting them dead or ostracized based on archaic beliefs.

  • I think it helps

    I can argue that Atheism does help make Denmark peaceful because you're not having a billion different religious groups trying to kill each other and impose their religious laws onto each other effectively creating a healthy & secular government/society. But there's a big trend with this whole atheist/secularism correlation with personal and economic freedom, happiness, health & overall "better-ness". You have Sweden, Norway, Estonia, & Denmark as well as China as most atheistic countries; 4/5 are ranked as the most free, the most happy, the most health, or whatever. There is a common trend of atheism/secularist government and having more peace. I think there are other things that help having a really peaceful government, but I do think the irreligious beliefs of the populations have a strong positive impact.

  • Yeah, religion makes for conflict

    Religion has quite the historical record for starting bigwars and genocides. People who are atheists are not brain-washed by religious dogma, and they live their own life without any illogical biases. In places of the world where religion dominates, there is chaos, violence, discrimination against non believers and people of other religions. Just look at the middle east. Better to just do away with religion and the conflict it causes.

  • They're "peaceful" from looting Greenland as part of their conquest

    Sure they got the highest standard of living, but that's only because they managed to exploit the Native Americans of Greenland for 100s and 100s of years. They also exploited Norway (unfortunately Norway has been exploited by three countries -- Denmark, Sweden and Britain). They also have the Klans living there.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Antichrist is from this country.

  • Atheism is not what makes it so peaceful

    Denmark is home to the least corrupt government, the highest GDP per capital and some top-notch equality. Many of the people in Denmark government are required to be open (in terms of budget and spending) to their citizens. Many are also there to improve the lives of fellow Danes (if that's the word for it) instead of their personal quest for wealth and prestige. It saddens me that such wonderful governments are truly rare these days.

  • C -/> c

    Which is my way of quickly saying: Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. You cannot know from a correlation of two factors whether one causes the other. It may be a factor, but until I see more evidence, I remain scientifically unconvinced.

    Now, I want to believe that they are, but that's not how science works, I'm afraid.

  • Atheism is not a deciding factor, but education is.

    The most peaceful country in the world, with no standing army, is Iceland. It is also a country where public crime is low and a large number of inhabitants leave bikes unlocked and let infants sleep outside in the carriage. Yet, 31% of the country believe in a god and another 49% believe that there is a spiritual or natural force. Only 20% polled denied any and all possibility of a spiritual force. Religion in itself does not cause wars, as for instance Christianity promotes peace and love. The issues start when extremists use religion as a cover, excuse and a shield to do things in the name of god, to control other people, to gain personal or national gain and to get their way without having to go into actual details. With higher education and better economical standing countries start to become more and more immune to governments pulling off the religious card. The correlation comes with education, as it is a general tendency to start questioning god as your education level rises. So, Atheism is not a main cause, it is a supportive cause and an effect of other factors in society.

  • Not Just Atheism

    Although you could argue that Atheism is a part of the reason why Denmark is peaceful, it doesn't make sense to suggest that Atheism is the only reason that Denmark is peaceful. Most of Europe has an Atheist population, and there is plenty of discord in other European countries. Even China reports about 50% of their population being Atheist, and the same population sees no problem with post-birth abortions.

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