• Far too much power.

    They are paid to feed the meat factory of a prison system that is the largest and most expensive prison system in the world. Anyone who doesnt see the problem with that is part of the problem. American justice is a rigged game that feeds on the have nots and is exploited by the have mores.

  • They Control too much

    I do think that courts are the most fair they've ever been, But they are too strong. America was set up to create equal balance, But executive orders, Laws, Are shot down with the ruling of one appellate court. Courts also have the power to basically create laws, Which isn't their job.

  • Yes, courts are given too much power.

    I think that the courts are given too much power. A lot of the time, it seems like the courts are governed more accordingly to the will of the judges instead of what the people want. I think that there needs to be some changes with the court system today.

  • They determine lives.

    Courts are given entirely too much power. Elected judges have power of the lives of people they do not even know. These courts determine the outcome of minor traffic violations all the way to murderers and rapists. The decisions of these courts are not fair across the board. Someone may be facing 5 years in jail because of drunk driving while another person may be out in 3 months because of child molestation. The court system is entirely screwed up! There has got to be a better way,.

  • Courts are not given too much power today.

    Courts are not given too much power today. The Courts of today are by far the most fair then ever before. The American system of justice is founded on the principals of innocent until proven guilty, and a fair trial by your peers. These principals ensure that the accused have the best ability of proving their innocence and avoid being wrongfully prosecuted.

  • No, I do not think so.

    I do not see courts with any more power than they used to have. In the United States at least, the judicial system has largely remained the same with little tweaks here and there. I do think the court system needs a revamping and improvement, but they are not more powerful now.

  • Seems Like Activism

    Many federal judges today seem like activists when it comes to abortion laws and gay rights. However, I believe that courts aren't overly powerful, it's just that courts seem to get more things done in today's litigation-happy culture. More and more people are suing for their rights because legislatures aren't getting anything done in a nationwide gridlock.

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