Are cowboys good or are they bad yes is good no is bad.

  • There won more than 4 super bulls.

    With there best running back than won 4 super bulls. That is good there better than a lot of player. There always win with allot of points. They have good player and allot better than allot of people think. Are with me or not than a good team you don't went to miss out.

  • G a r b a g e

    The cowboys suck. This comes from someone who lives in Texas. They take up actual time during the news on local channels while there are kids getting shot at their schools or by police (I understand this isn't necessarily caused by them) and they are literally garbage. I don't support the cowboys, And it also doesn't help that Tony Romo was a little bitch whenever they played and if he broke a pinky nail he would be out the whole season, Getting paid for nothing.

  • That's what makes this funny

    I don't believe that the Cowboys are a good tam, First they haven't won a PLAYOFF game in 20 years. Second, The Cowboy's record this season (2018-19) is 4-3. They let go of Dez Bryant. Their receiving core is bad, Even though they picked up the super inconsistent Amari Cooper. Dak Prescott is not a good franchise QB.

  • They suck badly

    First off it bowls not bulls and they haven´t won a super BOWL since the 90´s if they were that good they would be like the Patriots and be in the super bowl almost every year so no they are not good and they haven´t been good in a long time.

  • Hell fckn no

    First of all i lost brain cells reading that headline. And no they are 3 and fckn 3. Dak presdick sucks he does not deserve a big pay day, And they also have that btch zeke inthe backfield. Most overhyped running back of all time and has two nose rings.

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