• Craisins are Everywhere

    If you try naming a grocery store where Craisins aren't, You'll need some luck. Craisins are everywhere and it isn't out of the question that they demanded to be there themselves, Craisins, No matter how appealing, Are still a biotic factory, What if cranberries in the first place are just sending this to us to get into our heads? Craisins aren't going to stop, They'll take over the government.

  • Need Proof For Project!

    Doing this for a school project! I need as much solid evidence as you can give me so that I don't fail on my final. My teacher doubts me, Saying that I cannot provide substantial evidence that they are. Any and all proof, Or encounters with these sentient life forms are greatly appreciated.

  • Grapes are Sentient

    Genetically, Grapes have a 50% larger genome than humans. They have more active genes that can be manipulated to form a sentient grape, Therefore entitling them to human rights, As listed in the Constitution of the United States, Including the right to bear arms. Since grapes are sentient, Craisins must also be sentient.

  • WARNING: Crasins are Dangerous!

    One day I ate some crasins. They tasted really good and I ate a lot. I had a huge jumbo pack of them. After I had eaten my fill, I went to sleep. But then, I heard the crasins in my brain! They were whispering "Eat some more. Eat some more. Eat some more. " I tried to resist. My brain said "No. I'm full. I won't eat any more. " But the crasins wouldn't stop. They said if I didn't eat any more they would do something terrible. I ignored them. They stabbed my stomach and gave me an ulcer! Now I am stuck eating crasins for the rest of my life and I have an ulcer as well.

  • Crasons is sanstients caus lik hw dey nos be en senstants

    Wall wun duy i ws en mi hoomer an a crasans wad lik "yo mr chick hicks i is big fan o urs can i see piston cup" an ies bes liek "no foow u cnt she meh pestoon cuup cus is 2 lit fo u fam" an he liek "wah but is ur biggest fan" so es liek "no fwol u anit a fayn u es crainsans mi fan es rigt der browin dat gud aiir atts meh" an wun ting led 2 anther an now hes locksin meh en hes besmentos liek gud palls dow.

  • One two three

    One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen ninetine twenty twenty one two twenty third twenty twody four twody five twody six twody seven twody eight twody nine threedy threedy one threedy two threedy 4 threedy nine fourdy fivedy sixdy.

  • I'm already tracer

    "Hit or miss", As they say.

    It would seem as though they never fail to hit any of their shots, Do they?

    Ah, It seems as though you are currently in a romantic relationship with another man. I would wager that despite this, He does not give you any kisses.

    I predict that he will engage in a relationship with another woman and, Given his lack of affection for you, He will probably not keep you in his memory for very long.

    To top it off, He will most likely make a "Skrrt" sound, Reminiscent of the sound of screeching car wheels, Then go on to perform a so called "dab", In the same manner as the prominent celebrity Wiz Khalifa.

  • It is so obvious

    So what we are trying to figure out is if craisins have a brain all we gotta do is remove what craidons and brains have in common and that is the group of letters “rai”. Now you have the word “csins” which sounds he same as seasons. Now what is a large thing that dictates seasons, That’s right it is the sun. So we take the “rai” and the “sun” and get raisin, And as we all know raisins are sentient so yes, Craisins are sentient

  • Piss on me

    I would truly enjoy it if u were to piss on me. If u piss on me, I will buy u a new pirate ship. Of course, The pirate ship will be unable to float, But who tf cares lmao its a pirate ship for pissing on me lol amirite?

  • Throw out your craisins before its to late

    They watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch they watch

  • Don't do drugs.

    First off, I would like to thank those who answered this on both side as they showed just how much brain damage drugs can cause. So many believe that doing drugs makes you more cleaver, smart, or funny but the reality is that they just dull you perception to the point where you just believe that. It's much like how people think they can sing really well when their drunk but in reality, they are just making idiots out of themselves. Thanks again for demonstrating my point.

  • Is this some kindof joke

    Craisins are not sentient because of the following:

    1: They are dead organisms, they aren't even alive like a grape or apple is. They are dead.
    2: They come from grapes which are also not sentient. Grapes are plants. Plants do not have a nervous system so they can't feel pain.

    Posted by: asta
  • I can attest this is word of GOD

    One day i ate some and after that EVERYTIME I think about them...I feel a strong urge to put more in my mouth and smash them with my teeth and store them in my stomach. Now i consume large tubs of them frequently. That can only mean they force my brain to crave them so i'll buy more, so more will be made to meet the demand...

  • I am craisin

    I am craisin. I feel no emotion. I hate everything. I wear eyeliner and chains, not to mention my killer mow-hawk. You don't know what I'm capable of. I'm sick and I hate life for I.... Am an emo!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • No, Craisons aren't sentient.

    Craisons are a plant or plant drink. They can't be sentient. Why are we wasting our time on this stupid joke when we could use it to talk about Politics and religion and philosophy. Hell, in America there is a rise in White Nationalism and we can have a poll or debate about whether it's good or bad. You know what I will do it. See you jackasses when you stop your fondness of the sentence of a goddamn fruit drink.

  • Craisins are not Sentient.

    Seriously, Craisins are just some sort of fruit snack. They have already been processed, too, so even though the plants they were made from were alive, they are not. And let's just say that they ARE still alive. Well, the plants they were made from were also alive, but the Craisins are technically NOT SENTIENT. Craisins cannot take obsereve their environment or take in information, and if they could, they wouldn't be able to react. Therefore, Craisins are NOT sentient.

  • No, Thank God.

    As many of you know, This has been an ongoing debate for several years. A 'Craisin' refers to a small, Dried fruit 'snack' that appears 'dead', Yet multiple studies from universities in Bedbrookham, Northeast Suffpool, And Maidenhead all concur that there is some evidence for the existence of a Craisin hive-mind, Located somewhere in gate 2, Victoria Bus-station, London.

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