Are crime cameras a good idea for cities around the world?

  • Ineffective, or effective?

    While some surveys have questioned video's ability to prevent and solve crime, in my personal experience as a law enforcement officer, the use of video has been very helpful. Sure, while the potential for abuse still remains, it remains as well with all forms of new technology. Remember, public places have not expectation of privacy governed by the 4th amendment in the US. That being said, other forms of government may not even ask the public weather they want camera or not.

  • Public cameras are not an invasion of privacy.

    Crime cameras have a lot of benefits. They reduce crime and reduce costs because they are cheaper than Patrol Officers. Anything that anyone does in a public setting is not private and so I don't see any concerns with invasion of privacy. Things you want kept private should be done in a private setting, not on the public streets.

  • Yes, crime cameras are a good idea, since they create transparency and promote accountability.

    Although I enjoy privacy as much as anyone does, I believe the use of crime cameras creates transparency and accountability, and they are a good idea for public places. I base my answer on the fact that cameras reveal many actions. Recorded film or photos show what actually happens, unless something is blocking the view. In knowing there is one that sees everything that I do, the reminder is clear to me that nothing I do remains hidden. Therefore, I should never do anything I would not want the camera to see. In my opinion, if I would not want a camera to record what I do publicly, I probably would not need to engage in anything that I would not want revealed publicly.

    Posted by: QuickestLeigh
  • Crime cameras become eyes and ears for police officers who may miss something due to over population.

    Many cities only have one or two police officers to every five hundred or more people. It makes it impossible for the police to catch every crime that is going on in the city, and protect every resident. Putting up crime cameras throughout the city is a great way to give the police an extra set of eyes and ears to any crime. With crime cameras they would be able to solve a crime on one side of the city, and come back to solve another crime that happened on the other side at the same time. Right now our police officers are stuck with having to choose which crime is more serious, and needs their attention more. Crime cameras could help them work every crime.

    Posted by: EwaBob
  • I think crime cameras are a good idea for cities around the world, because they offer more consistent surveillance than a handful of officers can.

    While some people argue that crime cameras are an invasion of privacy, I believe that, because the cameras are only posted in public places, they only capture what anyone else in those places could or would see anyway. These cameras are an economical way for cities to expand their surveillance.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I think crime cameras are a great idea in public spaces to catch criminals, because they film everything.

    Crime cameras are a good idea for cities to reduce crime. People will know that they are being filmed, which I think will reduce the chances of them acting out. Plus, it can help police officers catch criminals if they are caught visibly on tape. When you are in a public place, I think it is fine to have cameras filming you at all times.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • I approve of camera posted in big cities for safety reasons, and because too often there are no witnesses.

    There are numerous times a crime happens with no witnesses, or no witnesses that will come forward. Cameras are a non-judgmental witness that can provide clear, and often damning, evidence that a crime happened, and who was involved. They can also scan less populated areas, like alleys and parking lots, cheaper than security guards.

    Posted by: elinua
  • Yes, crime cameras are a very good idea, because they may make some people think twice about committing a crime, and they will help to identify those that still do.

    An good example of this are the cameras at some traffic lights that help identify people who are speeding or committing other offenses. Some people drive more carefully because of them. They are more aware of the possibility of being caught. Those that don't heed them do get caught and penalized, which sets an example for other drivers.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • Yes, because crime cameras act as a deterrent to crime, and aid in the detection of crime.

    I'm not opposed to surveillance cameras on public streets and in public venues. I think as long as areas are posted as "under surveillance", they aren't an invasion of privacy. I'd feel safer if I knew cameras were in use, because I think they'd deter criminals, and also help investigators solve crimes.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • They are a proven asset in apprehending criminals and should be used everywhere.

    Crime cameras are an excellent tool for recognizing and apprehending law breakers. Whether they are small ones used in convenience stores or the more sophisticated ones used on city streets, they have helped law enforcement identify criminals worldwide. They make it difficult for law breakers to commit crimes without being seen, and this should cause criminals to think twice about their actions.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • It would decrease the demand for police officers.

    With the cameras taking the place of the police officers, the government will have to lay off officers because their is no need for them. That means unemployment will go up and lots of people will be struggling to look for a job. This could have a negative effect on the economy and on our businesses because those laid off workers no longer have an income.

  • Big brother in action!

    Most of what I've seen are cameras at intersections and on the side of the highway! It looks to me like another way for the government to rape and pillage the people, as if the 14 amendment didn't already do enough. This is a scam to rake in more money! What's next, chips in cars that record your speed then have a ticket mailed to you for going a mile over the speed limit?! Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • Crime should be fought by understanding the causes, not undermining the effects.

    Any societal ill is a consequence of a deeper problem. Although I understand that some may want to protect individuals from being mugged or even murdered, I don't believe that cameras are an effective way to reduce violence. Crimes will only take a different shape, to skirt around the government's futile but costly intervention. The problem stems from the social conditions (often extreme poverty) of the attackers. This can be proven by the fact that not all societies face this situation to the same extant. Nations where the gap between poor and wealthy is not so drastic as it is in the US have a much less important fear of street attacks. Instead of investing money on surveillance cameras, which will become obsolete the moment they are put in place, the government should invest in long-term action by supporting poorer areas financially.
    Furthermore, cameras are not perfect. It is impossible for people to be under surveillance everywhere, unless of course cameras are placed everywhere, which is an unconstitutional, abhorrent idea. For the cameras to be effective in preventing violence, the tapes would also have to be watched round the clock. This demanding, boring job would probably be low-paying, possibly even executed by members of the same social class as the ones committing the crimes. That is, for those who didn't stop to consider the very uncomfortable idea of being recorded and observed anywhere you go. If you don't think of it as a problem in our 'advanced' society, do consider the disastrous consequences of this technology in an e-totalitarian regime. As citizens, we deserve privacy, regardless of our social background or of that of the people surrounding us.

  • Americans are losing their freedom & right to privacy

    “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” Benjamin Franklin

    “If you want total security, go to prison. There you're fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking... is freedom.” Dwight David Eisenhower

  • They are no longer crime cameras.

    Big brother has arrived. They watch everything and although I like the idea of them helping to catch criminals, they intrude into everyone's personal life.

  • "Crime cameras" may limit the privacy that all people have a right to enjoy.

    While so-called "crime cameras" may, in fact, occasionally record someone committing a crime, for the most part they will record everyday citizens going about their business, which they have a right to conduct privately and without government intrusion. Crime cameras would increase the level of paranoia and distrust that already exist toward the governments of countries around the world.

    Posted by: enygmatical
  • No, it’s an invasion of privacy plain and simple.

    People should be able to walk the streets and not have to worry about constantly being watched. Crime is going to happen, and there are people whose job it is to deal with it. I dont think a camera can replace a good honest police officer. And plus if the government really wants to have a look they can just use one of their satellites.

  • Crime cameras are a bad idea for cities around the world.

    This is an invasion of privacy. It would never be accepted by civilians like myself and would outrage activist around the world. Freedom is what America was built on and it is being pulled away from American civilians. One day we will all go all out to attack the government for their petty crimes against humanity. Someone should be allowed to walk down the street, so help me god I'm right, and rob someone for cash.

    Posted by: D4rrLatina
  • I do not think crime cameras are a good idea around the world.

    I do not think crime cameras are a good idea around the world. They are an infringement on people's basic rights of a right to living privately. Crime cameras will also cost more for public infrastructure in order to obtain the technology and monitor it, which is something that many communities can not afford. In addition, crime cameras may show something that is happening but it does not explain why the situation is happening. It may appear that someone is breaking into a car, although it is their own car and they locked the keys inside. This person would be seen on the crime camera and charged with a crime, even though it is not the case. There is too much grey area in the justice system to have a camera be used to charge people with crimes.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • I don't think crime cameras are a good idea, that would be the beginning of a police state.

    I don't think that having crime cameras around the city will truly benefit crime. I think that you should be able to walk down the street with out feeling like your being watched. The only way to really combat crime is to clean up areas with high crime rates. I think the money that would be spent on these cameras should be better spent improving poor or high crime areas.

    Posted by: C0ImEIite

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