Are crime rates a reflection of the average contentment of individuals in a society, not the level of religious belief?

Asked by: Sagey
  • Current Statistics Rate Secular (religious neutral) Nations as Having Less Crime Than Religious Based Nations like The US.

    Statisticians have repeatedly sighted Secular and predominantly Atheistic societies such as Australia, as having lower rates of crime and happier citizens than Theistic nations like the United States.
    The correlation appears to be with Secularism, and Atheist groups are hammering the media with these statistics, which in the last set revised, actually came from a Theistic statistics group.

    But: Is it religion that is causing non-secular nations to have an increase in crime levels or it is simply Citizen Contentment.
    Note in this video, which highlights Tensions in the US between Christianity and Atheism (not to mention other faiths which are also important).
    These tensions in society cause discontentment and stress in it's citizens.
    This stress produces disharmony and dissatisfaction throughout a community.
    Social stresses cause violence, anger, hatred and usually results in higher Murder rates.

    So a truly Secular nation which the US was meant to be by it's constitution has less public conflict between beliefs and thus less stress within the society.

    Countries like Sweden, Australia and Japan have no public conflicts between belief systems. This loss of stress pays off in less conflict in ordinary social circles, which results in a less stressful social environment.
    A less stressful social environment equates to more relaxed, happier citizens.
    Happier citizens equates to less anger, conflicts and thus less Murder.

    Crime levels have nothing whatsoever to do with Theistic notions of Sin nor Evil.
    Those do not even Exist.
    What Crime levels in a Society truly depict, is how happy the average citizens are with their lives.

    This is regardless of religiosity.
    If Religions stopped pushing themselves as Good and Holy and accepted Atheists as Equals.
    Those tensions in the clip and many of the tensions in theistic governed countries would actually cease.
    Governments directed policies that leveled out social inequalities, paid no favoritism towards any particular socioeconomic nor religious group.
    Thus a truly Secular society.
    Crime levels, especially murders within that society would no doubt plummet.
    Because the average citizen would feel less stressed, greater freedom of expression and belief along with greater lifestyle contentment.

    Making a nation happier, with less social conflicts, reduces Crime.

    This is more likely what the US Founding Fathers had Envisioned when they drew up the Constitution.
    A happier, low crime, highly intelligent US.
    Not the high crime rates, low average intelligence levels that is the current state of the US.

  • I agree! Crime reflects individual contentment, no religiosity.

    People in secularized countries tend to have access to resources that they need, like healthcare and good income, to remain content, law-abiding producing individuals. This is a reason why crime is so low in industrialized European countries, Australia and Japan. I argue that this detail would also be true even in secularized nations with many religious inhabitants, so long as the country can be true to secularized, liberal principles; individual contentment should remain high in this kind of environment.

    It's my contention that crime in the U.S. is high - not because of the level of religiosity ( though there might be a very weak association ) - but because individual contentment is rather low. Up until this year universal healthcare was not perceived as a right, and we in the U.S. still suffer from the highest income inequality in the Industrialized world! Naturally social conditions like these have a negative effect on individual contentment, and it shows!

  • Yes, contentment lies at the root of crime

    It is my belief that crime rates are more related to socio-economic stresses than religious belief systems or conflicts between belief systems. For some, financial stress and oppression are viewed as justification for breaking laws. It is true that occasionally a people use religion as a basis for civil disobedience, but I do not feel this is common. In these cases the origin is usually an unbalance mind and a perverted view of the religion they point to as justification. Most crimes are committed out of greed, selfishness, or a sense of despair over their condition in life. I believe crime is definitely related to contentment and I see crime rates as being reflective, or at least influenced by, the "average" level of contentment within society.

  • Hitler was an atheist

    And the nazis rigorously enforced state atheism. Atheism has caused more social problems than any other faith and deserves to be eradicated from the face of the earth. I think people who are atheists should be put on registers so we csn control them if they decide to kill people for not believing in atheism once again.

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Sagey says2014-01-25T22:22:03.917
Two posts hit on a very important aspect of citizen contentment, affordable, adequate Health Care.
Yet the US has opposing interests which ruins the chances of achieving this.
Obamacare may be a good idea but the Republicans have created citizen unrest with their opposition and put in damaging retaliation, which only makes the situation worse.
Both parties should be working together to bring about the best possible Health Care system they can produce.
Not use it as a political football to attempt to damage the opposition.
In doing so, they damage the system, create citizen desperation and very likely push up the crime rate and citizen discontentment.
No such stress here, I'll go and pick another peach of one of my trees.
Sagey says2014-01-27T06:54:14.567
As I have stated many times here: Affordable Health Care For All and Subsidized For the Very Poor, should have been written into the Constitution as Mandatory: Then there wouldn't be any question of whether the US has or hasn't got it or which party will or will not provide it.
The only problem for government would be juggling the figures to make it work, because they will have no other choice, but to afford it.