• Yes, violence against homosexuals is an everyday occurrence

    I see a couple decent maps of Muslim distribution, but if there are maps of anti-gay hate crimes across America they must be on websites that aren't making it through the firewall. My gut feeling is that while homophobia among Muslims likely accounts for some of the hate crimes in the states where they live, we're also going to find anti-gay hate crimes happening in states where the Muslim population is simply too small to be the culprit. I guess I'm a lot less concerned with garden-variety anti-gay incidents, such as name calling and the like than with incidents like the Orlando massacre as part of an overall campaign of violence waged by radical Islamists.

  • Intollerance and ignorance

    Sadly, yes, crimes against gays have become more prevalent. The attitude of intolerance and ignorance is at an all time high. It isn't right to judge someone and hate them for the personal decisions they've made in their life. Don't judge me and I won't judge you, it's that simple. And more people should adopt that attitude rather than "I'm right and you're wrong."

  • Crimes against gays are not becoming more prevalent

    Gay people have always been discriminated against, and there have always been crimes committed against them. The world has become more open and accepting of their culture and lifestyle. Because of this, crime has gone down. Just because a big event happens in one part of the world doesn't mean crime against them in general is increasing.

  • No, though violence still occurs, being gay is more accepted now than ever before.

    With the exception of horrible tragedies like the shootings in Orlando, I think that overall in the western world, crimes against gay people (or at least, those motivated by hate towards someone for being gay) are probably less prevalent than in the past. We have seen huge advancements in gay rights and attitudes towards homosexuality over the last two decades, including the legalization of same-sex marriage and greater visibility for LGBT people in popular culture. With greater tolerance shown overall towards gay and lesbian individuals, it would make sense that hate-motivated crimes against them have also generally decreased.

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