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  • Not Comically Stupid But Shamefully Inept

    Take Man of Steel for example, although I liked the movie, the thing new in this film was Superman killing and the representation of Krypton. MoS would've been the most talking about, shocking movie of the year, had Snyder represented Zod differently. I no longer consider Zod a threat to Kal-El in any Supes-reboot because he is always portrayed as this brilliant military general, accompanied by henchmen, yet he is inept to ever really f**k Superman up. MoS would have been a bigger success had Snyder allowed Zod to capture and imprison on the moon, say in Kryptonite chains. Then in part 2, Kal-El breaks free, returns to earth to find Zod as the unchallenged ruler, using all humans as slaves or pawns. Superman's 2nd attempt to defeat Zod fails and Zod imprisons Supes in the Phantom Zone. Part 3, Superman again struggles to rise up and defeat Zod, here he kills him and liberates humanity and becomes the legend he is. Yet they have this legendary villain fulfilling the same cliched motif thus gives him a look of ineptitude.

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