Are criminals who post their behavior on youtube stupid?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Yes they are

    The one guy who posted the video of him self with the money... They are stupid to commit the crime-not to mention cruel. They should get beat up. I don't see why you would do that. At least it makes for good entertainment. We can watch them on world stupid criminals lol.

  • Lol it's a reference to a video called "Zo slapping a [etc]"

    Basically, long story short, one kid said some jokes on Facebook about this kid. Now this kid wants to settle the score with him. So the big kid, who did the jokes in the first place, has him fair and square in a fight, so the little kid (the one insulted by the jokes) pulls a knife to try to kill him. This has to be the biggest display of criminality I've seen.

  • If the video goes viral and the crime is a petty offense than no he is not stupid.

    By putting a crime up on the internet they may gain some notoriety which could help them start a rap career.

    Even a humiliating video could help launch rap career if the rapper properly markets himself.

    He could also appear on a reality show where he would attempt to "make amends for his crimes" or a reality show about drug rehab.

    There are many celebrities who are famous just for being famous. For example, Kim Kardashian only became famous because of a sex tape...

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