• Defense against manipulation

    As a high school teacher, I help students see through the matrix of propaganda. The more we develop critical thinking skills of young adults, the less vulnerable they become. We teach them to always question the basis of an argument. We can't stop the zealots from manipulating women with lies and psychological pressure, but we can do something about sending young adults into the world defenseless.

  • If a doctor lied about medical information/options they would lose their license or go to jail

    However CPCs are allowed to spread false information, and coerce young pregnant woman to make choices that can have severe consequences. They can pose as medical facilities with names that have "medical" "clinic" "health" in them, and yet employ no certified medical staff (though many have at least one real nurse). CPCs prey on vulnerable young pregnant woman with misleading ads about the services they provide or lieing when people call. They train their staff who typically have no medical training on how to use information to fear monger woman into not having sex/having an abortion. They also use personal information asked for during "consultations" to emotionally torment these pregnant woman trying to force them to do what the CPC's want. Not only is this something American citizens must endure it is something they pay for. CPCs receive federal and state money to lie, deceive, and bully vulnerable pregnant women in a time when they need support. CPCs are a moral and social violation of everything America stands for, and no matter what your views on abortion are, endangering women by fear mongering and psychological torment is no the way to treat another human being.

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