• There's nothing dangerous about their food.

    Yes, crops produced by "the Green Revolution" are safe. I've yet to hear any reports of people dying in mass quantities from crops produced in such areas. Technology and its transfer to third world nations will benefit all of us. Food is inspected on a regular basis to make sure it's safe.

  • The studies show they are

    The research behind the crops that are produced by the green revolution is very extensive, and the scientists who find these new and better methods know what they are doing. So far no trouble has came from third world countries that are putting these methods into effect to help feed themselves.

  • Crops produced by the Green Revolution

    I personally think that crops was produce by the Green Revolution because of the research, development, and technology transfer initiatives. I personally think that the crops was produced by the Green Revolution was safe because of how the crops were being grown as well as how the crops was being taken care of.

  • They have their good sides.

    Yes, crops produced by the Green Revolution are safe, because they are better in some ways and worse in other ways, compared to traditional crops. They are likely to be more natural. There are fewer chemicals involved, and that makes them healthier in one way. But they are also not as likely to be as strong as other crops. But yes, in general they are safe. Always wash your vegetables before you eat them anyways.

  • No Way To Know

    There is no way to know, currently, if the crops produced by the Green Revolution are safe. These crops are new and they have gone untested thus far. Even when testing begins it will take a few generations to clearly show all of the effects, if any, of these crops.

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