• In my opinion, yes.

    One thing I know for sure is, each instructor/teacher and school teaches in different ways. From my experience in college, math classes were done over the computer in a math lab with instructors and tutors present. College level classes are still in the traditional class room. Sounds fine to me.

  • Yes, some kids just don't get it.

    Yes, current methods of teach math are adequate, because students are given many ways to learn basic concepts. Math is more difficult than reading, and some students will simply not understand it no matter how many strategies are offered and how much time is spent. School too often focuses on the lowest 10% and does not help the students who actually understand.

  • Current methods are adequate

    There weren't nearly as many teaching methods when I was in school. You taught in a specific way and that was it. I'm sure more ways to teach math will be formulated as time goes on if it's necessary, but what is being used now is perfectly fine. I wouldn't complain.

  • Current Teaching Methods Failing in Mathematics

    Unfortunately, students in the United States continue to fall behind other countries when it comes to mathematics. Our methods of teaching different subjects within mathematics isn't effective enough, as shown by test scores. Without a doubt, the nation's educators need to rethink their methods and offer a more intensive solution.

  • Current methods of teaching math is not adequate.

    Current methods of teaching math is not adequate. Most children will say that math is their least favorite subject in school. I think teaching math is more about the teacher then it is about the subject. If you have a good math teacher then they can help you understand not only how to get the answer but what the steps were without it being dull and boring.

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songmin1 says2014-01-25T20:30:49.723
What is the current method of teaching math???