Are customer-service complaints about mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Target pointless and silly since consumers know that better customer service costs more?

Are customer-service complaints about mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Lowes, and Target pointless and silly since consumers know that better customer service costs more?
  • Customers who complain are usually wrong.

    I have worked in customer service at a mass-retailer for several years. The sad truth is that most customers who go out of their way to submit a complaint don't have a firm grasp on reality. However, the complaints are great to read through for a laugh. I had one customer get supremely angry with me that I wouldn't just give her a receipt so that she could read it before she clicked "yes" to accept the charges. It didn't matter to her that our equipment just doesn't work that way; she was beyond reasoning with. And later, her complaint was hilarious.

  • Big heartless corporations don't care about customer service

    Why would you expect a kid who is getting paid minimum wage to provide excellent service. The is no incentive for them to provide good customer service because they get paid exactly the same regardless.. And most of the time they just do what they get told by management f

  • Consumers Are Crazy

    Have you ever read the complaints section for a particular store? Half of them are completely ridiculous ramblings about not being able to return something. I used to work customer service at a big box retailer and let me tell you, we didn't get paid enough to take your crap. You throw a fit in public because you're told no, when the policies are all clearly stated in the store and on that reciept you didn't both to look over. We aren't personally responsible for your order getting lost or cancelled. We can't bend the rules for you, even if you throw in some good sob story. Our managers make that call, and if you're rude or mean we are sure quick to tell our higher ups not to help you out. We don't set up the policies so bitching to us about something you don't like gets you nowhere. Yes, sometimes we are rude to you and that deserves a complaint but if we are merely doing our job, following policies or trying to right a wrong you are not justified in your complaint. Customer service reps are people too

  • Customer service complaints about mass retailers are valid.

    All companies hope for repeat customers and an increase in product sales. In order to keep up with the current market, customer service must be one of the top priorities of any corporation. If a consumer doesn't feel that their needs have been addressed, they will be disappointed in the retailer. A disgruntled shopper might share their terrible experience with 8 others. A happy shopper will mean repeat business. Although it might be a difficult task, corporations should address complaints in a timely fashion to appease customers. Additionally, corporations can improve simply by listening to their customers!

    Posted by: 5h4yTemP
  • Customer service complaints against mass retailers are not pointless because every business should take pride in its customer service.

    Customer service does not need to be a direct product of cost. Mass retailers should insist that their employees give quality service, and employees should do so regardless. That is one thing that is wrong with our world today. Too many people don't want to do something because it is the right thing to do; they only want to do what they feel they have to do. Giving good service to the people who patronize a business should be a requisite of every employee. People need to start taking pride in what they do.

    Posted by: OnfBIeak
  • I believe that consumers that patronize discount retailers should not expect a high degree of customer service, mainly due to a lack of employee quality.

    Consumers that shop at big box retailers, such as Target and Wal-Mart, should understand that their is a reason the prices are substantially lower than other stores. A big part of the low prices is that the staff are much more likely to be less educated and less experienced than a more capable staff at a higher priced retailer. These discount retailers use part-time help, students, and generally have a high degree of employee turnover. There is no reason to expect great customer service with these parameters built into the discount retailers business model.

    Posted by: ChotAnguris
  • No they are not

    I think that regardless of how much service is charging, the employees that are dealing with the customers should treat them with the utmost respect and be very professional and if they do not want to be professional then they should be terminated by any means necessary to set the example because the customer is always right.

  • Complaints are not pointless, but the customer cannot expect them to turn things around completely.

    Customer-service complaints do work to hold mass retailers to at least a minimum of customer-service. Without it, the companies have little reason to concern themselves with customer-service at all. The key to the issue is that customers cannot expect a complete turnaround. They must realize that while they complain, they won't get 100 percent of what they want. However, even getting a little bit is better than nothing.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Mass retailers seem to forget that, without consumers, they would not be there, and customer service should be a major focus for the survival of their business.

    The best way for a mass retailer to maintain their customers is to offer great customer service. Of course, low prices are a factor, but it should not be a given that low prices mean low customer service. Customer service complaints at any retailer should be taken seriously, and dealt with in a manner that applies the golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. Executives at these mass retailers should take a walk through the sales floor, as a client, and make some changes based on how they are treated.

    Posted by: ChildlikeJarvis90
  • People need to get back to the basics of human decency and treat each other rightly, no matter where they're working or shopping.

    Our society has lost its marbles on this one. When clerks or other people are not being kind, it is horrible, no matter what they are being paid. It is especially bad that customers often treat clerks worse, like talking on their cell phones while a clerk is ringing up their goods. A smile doesn't cost anything. Being treated like crap, no matter where you shop, is never a good thing. Consumers have a right to complain.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • These companies make the majority of their money from cheap, imported goods, so good customer service is not a huge cost.

    Good customer service comes from strong training and a corporate culture that teaches and rewards good customer service. This is not very costly, but it does take time to initiate employees into such a way of thinking and behaving. Further, the customer that complains loudly will be heard. Especially in the Internet age, where all kinds of things go viral in record time, raising a fuss can get results.

    Posted by: NimbleGreg
  • Consumers have a right to buy goods and services that work and are of decent quality.

    As a consumer, if I buy something with my money expecting something, I expect that. If the good is defective or the service is bad, I expect the customer service department to help right that wrong. If not, I am basically giving them money for free. Better customer service would help make me feel that my purchase is not being wasted.

    Posted by: TickoNest
  • I believe that customer-service complaints about mass retailers like Wal-Mart, Lowes and Target are very important and should be taken very seriously because, without customers, there would be no business.

    Customer-service complaints against any business should be taken very seriously. A business can have stores all across the world, but if its customers are not happy, they will not shop there, and the company will not make money. It doesn't matter if the product that's being sold is cheap or of good quality. If customers have problems with the business, the product won't sell. Big businesses need to listen to what their customers are telling them, if they want to continue to meet their needs and make a profit from their spending.

    Posted by: VagueWiley89
  • Customer service should not be lacking in mass retailers, because all you need is common courtesy to respect another person.

    Just a simple smile and "hello" could go a long way in customer service. Simple things, such as being polite and courteous to the customer, could make a huge difference. This does not cost anything extra, and it really does not require a lot of effort to do this. So, while the length of time or attention to detail may be of lower quality, the respect to the customer should be the same.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, because most major retailers don't sell faulty products anyway, so customer service isn't really needed.

    While some products may have certain issues because they are mass produced, most of the items are good and working. So why would they need a large or high-priced customer service team, making the requirements for hiring them a lot higher than they are? Currently, you can work at these retailers on an entry-level basis. And if they raise the prices, they will want some college graduates to work there. America is now run by colleges, not the government, and we need to stop that.

    Posted by: jabchick2
  • No, not at all, because all the mass retailers are very sensitive to customer complaints.

    It's never pointless for a consumer to complain through the proper channels, if they know they were served shabbily in a retail outlet. Complaining is immediate feedback, and absolutely will result in changes if/when the poor service can be traced back to a particular employee. It's obvious Wal-Mart, for instance, would seek to personally change an employee's performance, if it's so bad that the customers have alerted store management.

    Posted by: tabundes

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