• Yes

    Social medicine is a large ponzi scheme that filters the tax money we spend on these programs to the big pharma and medical industries. Why did we not hear of any opposition from these industries when the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare? For one, healthcare industry insiders wrote it. Two, it pilfers US tax money into their coffers. If the government would stay out of healthcare and let it operate like a private business, the free market would dictate costs, which would be lower because of demand and competition.

  • No, cuts to Medicare are not necessary.

    In fact, Medicare should be expanded to provide health care benefits to all people living in the U.S. There is no excuse in this day and age for people being turned away from medical treatment because they cannot afford to pay the outlandish costs associated with care. The insurance industry has artificially inflated medical costs to the point that the average person cannot handle their own care without insurance. The whole system needs to be overhauled and no one should have to choose between affording their house and affording cancer treatment.

  • No, cuts to Medicare are not necessary.

    The Medicare program has been a staple of American society for many years. Spending cuts are necessary for our nation’s economy to be able to rebound, but this program provides much needed services to our disabled, sick and elderly population. Find other programs to cut that are not as necessary.

  • No, We Need To focus On The Real Problem

    No, cuts to Medicare are not necessary. What is necessary are cuts to government spending – no more raises for elected officials, require all government officials to exist within a limited budget, control all spending, no lavish vacations, conferences or meetings. There is no need to focus on Medicare or Social Security – the focus needs to be on the greed and wastefulness in government – getting this under control would erase our national debt without ever having to touch either Medicare or Social Security.

  • They earned it let's not cut it away

    People have worked all their life with the expectation that Medicare would be there when they needed it, most paying into the system all their working life.

    We don't need to cut Medicare but we need to find other ways to bring the costs down of health care in general. Things are on the correct track under the Obama administration.

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