• Cuts are Necessary

    We spend too much money on war today. All war results in is destruction, suffering, and the deaths of others. Some wars go so badly that seem unwinnable. By making cuts to the military budget, we could learn to spend our money more wisely. We could focus our money more on reforming education and expanding the Peace Corps. I believe that the military should be redefined. The military should function more like the Peace Corp and help the destitute and improve the world for the better.

  • At this point, yes.

    Looking at where the United States is right now makes me think that they should make some cuts to the defense budget. The US is way too much in debt and to keep spending more and more for defense is just adding to it. I think the defense sector should be cut down a little to a point where the country is spending less but is still a safe place.

  • Yes cuts to the defense budget are necessary

    We spend WAY too much on defense than we need to, and it's part of why we are in such huge amounts of debt. Cuts to the defense budget are EXTREMELY needed if we want to build our economy back up again. So yes, defense budget cuts are most definitely very necessary.

  • Equal Cut Opportunity

    In times of national crisis, a proper defense is necessary. However, economic crises also call for everyone to share in the budget cuts. To ignore the defense budget, and instead cut things like medicare and social security is not in line with American ideals. As long as we remain supreme in the scale of the world's military power and keep our promise to America's most vulnerable, America will prosper.

  • Yes, defense budget cuts are necessary to try and cut down on national debt

    I feel that defense budget cuts are necessary in order to start to reel in the country's national debt. With much of the United States' involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan slowing down, it seems it would be wise to make strategic cuts to the defense budget in order stop overspending and begin to attempt to balance the budget.

  • No

    I think that is one of the last places we want to cut. Our safety ranks up there with education in the fact that we need to place great importance on it. Other countries do not spend as much and the are much more suspect to attack from terror and other countries around them.

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