• Yes,cyversecurity mandate are needed everywhere

    I think strict cybersecurity mandates should be needed across the board. The issue with so much stolen and lost is out of control. I don't think we can sit back and watch peoples intellectual property just be stolen or damaged. Its hard to see what will change,but progression should be nice.

  • Cybersecurity mandates are needed in the industry.

    Cybersecurity mandates are needed in the industry. Our nation is vulnerable to foreign hackers who could disrupt power grids, transportation systems, financial networks and Government. Cybersecurity mandates may be somewhat burdensome to business but in the long run they would help ensure national security, which would be worth the extra trouble they may impose.

  • It makes it more safe

    I believe we need to in force cyber security mandates because of all the people that are buying things online and how easy it is for criminals to access other people personal information. If we had these mandates it would be harder to hack into someones personal life and information.

  • There is risk.

    Yes, cyber security mandates are needed in the industry, because other nations want to attack us by interrupting our Internet network. Also, the United States does a great deal to monitor the internet from its use by its own people. We need to make sure that in time of crisis or revolution, people can still communicate with each other.

  • Yes, cybersecurity madates are needed in the industry.

    There have just been way too much leaps and advancements in the field of digital mediums and the Internet. And I don't think the security to assure that information and data is protected in these entities has caught up. I definitely think mandates are needed in the industry which would benefit everyone.

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