• Yes, cybersecurity startups are a safe place to put money

    Yes, cybersecurity startups are a safe place to put money because the need for cybersecurity is never ending. People need safe and secure computers to conduct everyday life. Now that most business is performed by computer software or Internet transactions, it seems wise to invest in new cybersecurity companies. It should be said though that investing does carry risk, but the demand for such services probably will outweigh the investment risk.

  • In the short term

    With the increase in investment in the cybersecurity industry, it's a great opportunity to get in at a relatively early stage on some great investments. In the past, people who've done this have made excellent profits, and it's possible this will happen again. The only cautious note would be to watch the market, because only a few big players will come out of it in the end. The trick is to make sure you've invested in one of them.

  • I don't believe that cybersecurity startups are a safe place to put money.

    As with any new business, there is risk involved when investing money. Though cybersecurity startups may seem like a wise investment due to the high number of malicious content people run into online, these businesses are just as susceptible to going under as any other. Due to that risk I believe that a cybersecurity company should be time tested before anyone, especially new investors, put their money into it.

  • No, cybersecurity startups are not a safe place to put money.

    While cybersecurity startups are the new trend, be sure to do diligent research prior to investing, as massive research & education should be done before any investment. When investing in a start-up, it may be YEARS before you see any type of return on your money. Additionally, since the company is a start-up, it is more than likely to fail than an established one.

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