• Gossip worthy has become newsworthy

    In today's society of reality television, a lot of people see people that are in the spot light as more newsworthy than the political and social unrest across the world. People seem to access social media and celebrity gossip websites and magazines more often than they tune in to their local news broadcast. To remain relevant many places are now carrying these celebrity stories to remain relevant to a changing audience.

  • It shows a lighter side

    There is enough bad news in the world, it isn't a bad thing when we get to look at something that doesn't make us cringe. These are famous people, and we are interested in what is going on in their lives. The news can't be all doom and gloom all of the time.

  • Dates between professional athletes is not newsworthy.

    I do not think dates between professional athletes is newsworthy. Being a professional athlete is a job. When you are not working, I think athletes should have a private life. Our society spends too much time concerned with things that do not matter. I think professional athletes should be allowed to keep their private lives private.

  • Dates between professional athletes are not newsworthy because they are a personal matter between the athletes, and not necessarily the rest of the world's business.

    Although some people may be interested in the personal lives of professional athletes, dates between them are not newsworthy because such dates do not affect the rest of the world in any significant way. Coverage of any dates between professional athletes belongs more in the category of gossip than actual news.

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