• It's necessary but there are problems with it

    The biggest problem being that sometimes you will try posting a question and it gets submitted for moderation before you can even type out the first comment.

    Why is it too big a problem to moderate the question and the comment together and then either approve both or neither of them?

  • No, it keeps the community safe.

    No, DDO moderation rules are not too strict, because Dungeons and Dragons needs to be played safely in order for it to be a fun game for everyone involved. Dungeons and Dragons needs to be fair to be fun, and the people need to be able to treat each other with respect.

  • DDO's Moderation Rules

    Rules are those regulations put in place for order in a civilized community or society. The DDO's Moderation rules are not too strict. In fact, the DDO's rules are needed for order and civility. The whole purpose of the rules is to assert moderation. There is nothing strict about moderation.

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