• They help further knowledge and change views.

    I've had debates over the years and have learned to question myself.
    Debating if done right and with cool heads can change yours and others opinions and beliefs.

    It is always good to see a different perspective and views different to your own.
    That is how i have gotten to know myself more and others.. You will learn alot from your opponent and who knows they might've a valid point you never thought of before.

  • It opens the mind to other sides of a concept.

    I've gotten into multiple debates (not on this website but in real life) that changed my mind about something, not necessarily because someone provided a better argument than I did, but because they made points I hadn't even considered before. I think debating and sharing of opinions is extremely beneficial because it introduces people to new ideas and other ways of thinking, which is key in understanding how people and society function.

    Posted by: MC1R
  • Dabate is beneficial

    I can defiantly say that debate is very useful/beneficial .Because in debate we share our opinion and by doing this we come to know that we are right or wrong..Except this we also be aware certain facts and other people's thinking .So I am saying that debate is very beneficial for every one.

  • It is our way of expression and evolution.

    Where else can you voice the opinions about the abstract world, laugh and mock the stupidity of illogical arguments, and foment attempts at fixing the world? Debate provides the opportunity for young and old alike, to discover and learn, as well as enjoy the rights, and freedoms to feel and believe as we choose. It is too crucial an idea that must continue to shape and remodel the world, so that it is the best that it can be.

  • Debates are beneficial to stimulate thinking.

    Dear Porthos, yes of course debates are beneficial, they are an opportunity for the ordinary man to think for himself, regardless of ethnicity, culture and ideology, but above all to critically think about current topics, without the intimidation of the media and politicians. True, we're all influenced by them, either to a greater or lesser extent. However, debate whether you agree with the instigator or their content, stimulates you to think independently and to form your own ideas, regardless of whether they're politically fashionable or not?

  • Definitely beneficial on DDO

    I feel debating is definitely beneficial since it helps me both improving my arguing skills and it makes it easier to decide who is right (or at least who has the most sound arguments) in a debate. That is why I have joined DDO, because it gives me input on how to proceed with things like letters to the editor and scientific papers...

  • They always win

    Sometimes I have arguments with my girlfriend.
    When we have these arguments she doesn't really argue, she uses alternative methods of persuasion.
    Almost the same happens with my mother.
    She always uses one arguement to counter all.."I am your mother, I know better"
    What's the point of having arguments in such occassions?

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