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  • No they are not

    Deep sleep someone has and that of meditation are not the same thing. Deep sleep is when someone has been sleeping for a while who is usually laying down. However, meditation is not of the same thing that is helping. Meditation someone is usually in a state that is of being awake.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe deep sleep and meditation is the same thing. I believe deep sleep is just that, sleep. Meditation is a process of reflection that requires consciousness. Meditating is not a task that only requires stillness, it requires thought or in some cases, a lack of thought. Meditation can take many forms, but it shouldn't be compared to any state of sleep.

  • Your brain changes.

    No, deep sleep and meditation are not the same, because with deep sleep your brain functioning changes. With meditation you are still awake and your brain is still functioning in a state as if it were awake. With deep sleep, you have REM functions that restore the brain in a different way.

  • No, deep sleep and meditation are not the same.

    I do not believe that deep sleep and meditation are the same thing. I think that deep sleep is something that is a proven state where the body enters into a certain mode. Meditation on the other hand is not something that is proven and is more so just a theory of a state of the mind.

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