• Defendants awaiting bail do not have sufficient conselling opportunities

    Defendants awaiting bail are not always offered sufficient counselling and support. The numbers hold up the fact that these people are, almost by definition, from a vulnerable sector of society and are susceptible to fall back into old habits if the current level of support and counselling are all that they receive.

  • Only if they can afford it.

    A lot of times the court appointed lawyer is a kiss of death. In most cases the defendant is better off representing themselves. A lot of times these public defenders are washed up lawyers who just need the money and do not care about their clients guilt or innocence, they are simply just another name on the docket.

  • No, defendants awaiting bail are not always give adequate counseling.

    No, defendants who can.not afford to hire a lawyer are often given sub-par counseling from state-employed lawyers. These lawyers who are appointed to defendants are often underpaid and overworked, making them less than ideal for those who cannot afford a more prestigious lawyer. It is often questionable as to whether these lawyers actually have the defendants best interest in mind.

  • No, those without means often get poor couseling.

    It is actually quite common for someone without means to get poor counseling. An example of this is the story of a man who was held in Rikers Island awaiting trial for nearly two years. when it came time for his trial he was shocked to learn that he could have been a free man if he had posted bail of two dollars.

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