Are defiant children more of a problem than they were 15 years ago?

  • Are children more defiant today than in the past?

    I feel like kids are part of a society in transition and like their parents they want to define there lives in their own terms. Sometimes this feels like defiance to me and sometimes I think the only way anyone learns is by experience....So Ok chug that pint of whisky just cause I said it was not smart to do so...Tomorrow we'll agree. I think they are so bombarded by information, some true/ some partially true/ some pure BS they find it hard to know who or what to trust. We raised them to challenge the status quo...We also raised them to be smart. Maybe a little defiance against the world makes sense. I think they'll mostly end up doing fine....Maybe a hangover or two along the way.

  • Children deliberately disobey their parents.

    Back in the day children were to be seen not heard nowadays children are not following parents simple instructions. They do not want to do as their told, they simply do as they please. Defiance means open resistance; bold disobedience. Children fail to realize parents give them rule not to be mean or strict but to keep them out of trouble and help them out in the long-run.

  • Children deliberately disobey their parents.

    Back in the day children were to be seen not heard nowadays children are not following parents simple instructions. They do not want to do as their told, they simply do as they please. Defiance means open resistance; bold disobedience. Children fail to realize parents give them rule not to be mean or strict but to keep them out of trouble and help them out in the long-run.

  • There has always been defiance, but never to this extreme extent

    Defiance has always been something with a conflicting view. Has it really become worse? It has due to the way the world has advanced in technologically. With more access to technology, social media, and mass communication with hordes of people, it has given these kids more access to complain about the world. Thus this allows people to say whatever whenever. Also, authorities are to blame for it seems the world has gotten more liberal.

  • Considering Distractions Today

    I'm still a teenager, but i can see the obvious change in behavior. Easy access to things such as social media, has made kid feel as if they are mature and can handle things on their own. Its just my opinion that teenagers need to still act young and have fun, yet they should know when its time to be responsible and have respect for those older and wiser than you.

  • Something Has to Happen

    Teenagers don't get treated like teenagers, they get treated like they are higher in authority then grownups and teachers. If the grownups and teachers don't step it up, society may be at a huge risk. I propose starting with the youngest generation, kindergarteners and 1st graders and teaching them respect and all the moral values. Schools should also reach to parents and make sure they won't turn their kids into issues. Even bring the law in if we have to.

  • Rap Music and Violent Distractions

    Youth shall always test the limits of authority. Modern trends shall always seem strange and new, but identifying with prison gang [poetry] hip hop rap music and such is more defiant and disgusting than Elvis and the Beatles, etc. Violent and realistic arcade and video games are bringing dangerous passions to their subconscious!


    Looking back over the years, children could never stand up and challenge their parents, guardians and school authorities but today it is happening, some may say it is confidence but NO! Confidence is reliance or faith in oneself not disrespect of people. Speaking as a teenager, I have been able to observe and watch our morals amongst colleagues and peers. Discipline is fast declining and needs to be prioritized.

  • Yes, I agree!

    At one point, a few years ago, I turned to substitute teaching as a way to make a few bucks after graduating from college. I found children to be extremely defiant, in comparison to just a few years earlier. In my belief, there are a handful of factors contributing to this progression. Parents are more protective of children, and more defensive of children. If a child were to get an office referral for punching another student at the school in which I worked, the parents would blame the school for wrongfully accusing their child, and would hesitate to punish the child whatsoever. Also, in a school scenario, there can be no disciplinary endgame, such as expulsion, because eliminating the student from the school district means a reduction in state and federal funding. As such, the first defiant child rubs off on the second, and so on, until much of the student body has little respect for authority.

  • Lack of Parenting

    Parents in society today are too busy chasing money to actually spend time with their children. They don't instill values in their kids like respect. They don't spend quality time with their kids, instead putting them in front of the tv or loading them up with extracurricular activities or handing them over to be raised by a nanny or other helping hand. Parenting doesn't stop at birth, it continues throughout life. If you are too busy to parent, please don't have any children.

  • Oh come on!

    Human nature is the same as it was a hundred, two hundred years ago. Teenagers are rebellious (as much as they can) and adults are complaining about it. Your parents probably thought the same about you. Ultimately, it is human nature and won't change over the course of fifteen years. It barely changes ever. Yes, social conditions change, and yes, media, technology, etc. change, but people don't. Adults don't change, kids don't change. Once again: HUMAN NATURE DOESN'T CHANGE!

  • Lack of Parental supervision

    Parents are not always around to parent their kids and it tends to have a effect on the kids. The kids are not usually the ones to blame for being bad in close to all cases,if parents were around more to parent their children it would help give the kids understanding on what a Authority figure looks like and how to treat people like that

  • Children are no more defiant now than they were 15 years ago, just as they won't be more defiant 15 years from now.

    Defiant children are not a product of the times. Defiant children are a product of parenting. The rules were the same in the past, as they are today. If you raise your children to respect authority, then they will respect authority. Most children are defiant, at some point, it is human nature to test boundaries. It is how it is dealt with and how the child is nurtured that creates the end result.

    Posted by: ObedientMervin
  • I think children are the same today as they have been many years ago, based on my own observation.

    People in society look for ways to control their children, but they fail to realize that not much has changed in kids over the past few decades. Many will go through a rebellious phase, and this has always been the case. So, I do not think they are more of a problem now.

    Posted by: AboriginalKing28
  • Defiant children aren't more of a problem than they were 15 years ago because, although society has changed a bit, children all go through the same stages.

    People could easily believe that kids today are worse than those who were raised 15 or more years ago. However, we often look at the past with rose-colored glasses. Children all go through the same stages of development. While children in Sudan might be very different from those in the United States, cultures don't change much in 15 years. Therefore, no matter the country and culture, children would be similarly defiant now, compared to children 15 years ago in their comparative culture.

    Posted by: SourGerman91
  • The problem is made worse by the way we parent our children and not by the children themselves.

    I am a 32 mother of three. I had my oldest daughter sixteen years ago, when I was sixteen years old. My daughter and her friends are very much like me and my friends were. However, her friends seem to be able to do whatever they want. My own children don't get a lot of freedom, because I am able to be honest with myself about the fact that she lies to me. However, her friends get away with a lot more than any of my friends did.

    Posted by: TownNoam
  • No, I don't see any indication of that being the case at all.

    No, I think they're about the same now as they were in 1995. Children have always been defiant, some more so than others, but over the last fifteen years, it doesn't appear that things are getting worse. These days, kids are more into computers and computer games and other fairly harmless electronic stuff than back then, except for the appearance of sites like myspace and facebook, which offer children a way to bully and be defiant over the internet.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • I disagree, kids are not any different now compared to then.

    The problem is with the child's circumstances, not with the children themselves. And if there are more problematic children today compared to 15 yrs ago, it is only because there are more children now compared to then.

    Posted by: P Allison

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