• Yes! The Democratic Party is destroying this country!

    This country is in a huge mess, and the Democratic Party is to blame. The Democratic Party of today is not the Democratic Party of yesterday. Having been born in 1968, I'm too young to remember when John F. Kennedy was President. But I do know that he was a Democrat and he did a lot of great things for this country. But that was then, and this is now! I'm a member of the Constitution Party, which is a far-right third party alternative to the now-corrupt Republican Party, and I'm very conservative. The Democratic Party of today is destroying America more and more, and I for one have had it with these kooks! They call themselves "tolerant," but have zero tolerance for everything that is good and right about this country. Something has to be done about this mess, and nothing will be done if we keep these liberals in office. Even if we keep voting for the lesser of two evils by voting Republican, nothing will change, because the Republican Party is not nearly as conservative as it was in days of old. If conservatives in this country want to become part of the solution and not part of the problem, joining the Constitution Party is the thing to do. We will only be able to change things for the better if we join a political party that truly respects America and the Constitution. If you would like to learn about the Constitution Party, please visit

  • The pitiful party

    The idea of democrats is generally well hearted, however, the idea is not realistic. Most democrats share the fundamental thought that people don't necessarily need a job because there is so much money wrongly invested into government programs such as affordable housing, healthcare, food stamps, free cell phones, etc. This are good policies for a fairytale but not for an immense society functioning with over 300 million people. These policies are designed to drain any surplus and almost never fail to create a deficit. The amount of taxes needed to fund these government programs are impractical. High taxes are notoriously known to limit consumer spending, limit growth of small businesses, and cut jobs. This ultimately stops or reverses the expansion of the GDP, causing a recession. The higher taxes are, the less money most people have, which means they are less compelled to buy anything, open up a new small business, or hire anyone. On a nationwide scale, this domino affect ripples through the lower and most of the middle class which ultimately comes back to hurt the economy and cut off cash flow. Democrats also generally do not believe in cutting spending. Higher spending always requires higher taxes which I previously addressed its negative effects. Not only that, but with higher spending (in government programs) people have it easier, which only promotes the epidemic disease of unemployment and "laziness" that is so prominent throughout this country. No wonder 47% of Americans are on food stamps. Good job Obama.

  • Too Far!

    The Democratic Party is too far to the left. The Democratic Party is supposed to be the more tolerant of the two main parties in the United States, but often refuse to see other’s view points and demonize anyone who disagrees with them. As an example during the “fiscal cliff” negations the democrats will not cut spending which will be the downfall of America if not controlled. The Democratic Party wants to change the US into a model of Europe. They don’t want Americans to work hard; they want everyone to live off government programs and not have a job or attempt to be successful. The Democratic Party has poor leadership. After the Benghazi attacks in Libya, President Obama tried to cover it up by blaming a poorly-made video on YouTube. When something goes wrong and the Democrats are in charge there is a lack of taking responsibility for what they did and trying to blame it on others. In Dale Carnegie’s book How to win friends and influence people he teaches you to quickly admit that you were wrong and to do so empathetically. Many of the Democratic Politicians in America never stop campaigning and always try to gain the political advantage in everything they do. They just go too far sometimes, such as when they accused Mitt Romney of being responsible for killing a lady. Really? That was just too far. They need to stop running and start being. Now, overall I think the Democratic Party is made up of hardworking Americans trying to be successful and to help others. The main problem is that the people too far to the left have taken control and given the Democratic Party a negative image to almost fifty percent of Americans.

  • Yes, too extreme

    I think that Democratic policies are too extreme. Just look at how the world is today. Things are getting worse instead of better. Yes, democrats are for the public, but how is it working out? It's just too much now and it really needs to change. Let a Republican run things for awhile.

  • Democratic policies are not far enough to the left.

    By the standards of most developed countries, Democratic policies are not that far to the left, especially economically. Few Democrats openly support socialism here or believe in any more lenience towards drugs than decriminalization (and maybe legalization) of weed only. The Republicans seem to use fear to pull the overly accommodating Democrats to the right, while the Democrats do not do the same to pull Republicans to the left. I consider the Denocratic party to be centrist at the most.

  • No, they are not extreme enough

    Democratic policies try to hard to be mainstream, which is understandable when we are talking about votes. The happiest, most successful countries in the world are far more socialist than the United States. Countries that take care of the people (even with taxes in very high percentages) have happy, healthy citizens. Countries that don't take care of the people, even with very low taxes are unhappy and violent. Maybe we need to take a closer look at what other countries do instead of assuming the United States is still "the best".

  • Democratic policies are representative of the public.

    When Democrats make a socially liberal proposal, the public support of said proposal is often over 70%. The public overwhelmingly supports access to safe and legal abortions, birth control, gay marriage and medical (or even decriminalized) marijuana. The public also supports the Democratic fiscal policy, which has been proven to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

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