• Yes they are

    They are horrible people that cannot do anything right they are extremists and don't care about the livelihood of the American people.

    They are unable to listen to others opinions and have no common sense what so ever. If you voted for Joe Biden then you don't know anything.

  • Democrats are terrorists

    Democrats are the party of BLM, Which stands for Burn, Loot, And Murder because that is what they do. The media never reports on the millions of dollars in damages caused by blm arsonists, Nor on the innocent American lives taken by these animals. People who are murdered by BLM are unable to defend themselves because blue cities and states took away their right to bear arms, This is why democrats wish to repeal the 2nd Amendment, They want blm to be able to murder with impunity. They also have illegal immigrant jihadists in congress such as ilhan omar and rashida tlaib who celebrate the anniversary of 911 each year. As well as obama who bombed civilians with drones overseas instead of the actual terrorists, Because he is on al kaida's side and was doing their work using the American Taxpayer's money to fund it.

    And before you sh! Itlibs call me racist, I'll let you know that I am black. Not all blacks support blm and not all blacks are democrats. Stop trying to control us, That makes you the actual racists here

  • F Commie Fascist Democrats

    F Crooked Joe, F Democrat Monsters. Fascist Commie democrats are working to undermine the US and Western Civilization. After violent democrat terrorism with the excuse of Thug Floyd's overdose on camera, Democrat gaslighters have non-stop lied that conservatives are violent and "racist". Democrats are deluded liars, And have no problem lying to push their monsterous agenda on the West. Democrat voters are either the dumbest people imaginiable, Mosterous leftist gaslighters, Or both.

  • Proof is everywhere.

    For decades democrats have terrorized our communities. Every big city under democratic rule for 2+ decades has become drastically dangerous. (Blatimore, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Detroit, New York City to name a few)These so called "peaceful" protesting was not peaceful at all and the dilusional democrats still believe it was all peaceful. Democrats have been and still are the party of segregation. Ever wonder why democratic politicians are so desperate to keep everyone separated. They consistently separate groups because they are the real racist, They have been since civil war. Absolutely nothing has changed except Universities are now brainwashing people by changing history and teaching things that force a different perspective. Its not no movie brain washing like people think it is, Its subtle and yes dems have even studied these forms of propaganda through the years. If you don't believe me, Just look up how many millions go into studies of social media and psychological studies as well by democrats. But dems are so gullible that they fall for this brainwashing and think its "education". They are taxing more and more, In fact their taxes are worse than the founding fathers fought against the british. Unions are even worse because they do not help what so ever instead they consistently fail, Force things to get worse, And get bailed out all the time by democrats with all our money, Not just democrat money. Most Unions of today are a complete scam, Why are bag boys getting payed $20+ dollars an hour? This ridiculous stuff is the selfishness of democrats. They are trained to want more at the expense of the Rich, Unless its their politicians. Look at their defense of BLM above, Claiming property damage is covered by the rich. This is the ridiculous idiotic thinking that this country deals with. It is time to separate. Democrats and anyone who can defend them are far different from conservatives of today. Green new deal is a scam as well, Tired of hearing all this talk of global warming, But all you dems still flying across the world for "Going green" meetings when we have webcams. Go out and plant trees if you really think there is a problem, Fact is once agains Dems are too lazy to do anything and would rather force everyone to pay for their beliefs just like the terrorists do. There fight against second amendment is communism. We would not be a country if we had no guns, Would still be under british rule. If dems are really so dumb to not realize the importance of weapons from a government take over all they have to do is learn history which happens to be the most overlooked thing by dems because history has and will consistently prove dems not only fail but have been failing for decades. The only reason they are still around is because your typical democrats learn what is taught to him/her by only democrats mouths, Not historical fact.

  • Democrats never condemn left-wing terrorism, They endorse and promote it

    They have never condemned ANTIFA or BLM which spent MONTHS ON END terrorizing the country and intimidating Americans into supporting the democrats.

    Over FIVE YEARS of them attacking any white person, Conservative or anyone simply wearing a red hat. Their endless witch hunt, They tried to dox a CHILD for smiling while wearing a red hat. They are TERRORISTS who have promoted people who bombed buildings in Washington DC into positions of power for their foot soldier storm troopers like BLM or ANTIFA

    During the summer of 2020, When BLM and ANTIFA were destroying the country, They were promoting it and encouraging it. They had plays where they killed Trump, They had their leftist actors hold bloody-Trump-heads for photoshoots, They had other actors like Johnny Depp or that lunatic woman talk about killing Trump.

    The democrats are now and have always been terrorists. The FBI and DOJ are completely corrupt and run by communist political activists who search endlessly to entrap right-wingers but will COMPLETELY IGNORE LEFTISTS DESTROYING AND PLANNING TO TERRORIZE AMERICA ALL SUMMER LONG IN 2020.

    All they do is LIE. Like this top voted "no" comment that completely ignores BLM and ANTIFA terroizing America and MURDERING CHILDREN AND FALSELY IMPRISONING PEOPLE BY BLOCKING FREEWAYS until they got what they wanted. And even then, It's never enough for terrorists. BLM broke into the Ohio state building, Meanwhile some protest with nearly no damage was invited in a building so these HYPOCRITES focus on that and gaslight and demonize anyone who questions them.

    FOUR YEARS of "trump is a russian spy" and "you're a russian spy if you don't question 2016 election" turned into "you're a terrorist if you question 2020 election". They're ALL HYPOCRITES AND THEY HAVE NO MORALS AT ALL. The ends justify the means to them, So all lying and distortion and TARGETING CHILDREN WITH PROPAGANDA is fine by them, They openly admit so. They want to disarm America so they can throw Americans in prison for demanding their constitutionally-protected rights. They hate free speech, They hate America, They hate the USA.

    They should just GET THE f**k OUT, If they hate it so much instead of trying to destroy it from within like USSR soviet spy would during the cold war.

  • Democrats are not terrorists.

    They are a political party just like any other. I don't personally agree with the democrats, Or for that matter any usa political party, But i don't think they're terrorists. On your point on BLM, Literally thousands more have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan. Also, Any damage caused by them on property, Is only being paid by huge companies with way too much money. A lot of Democrats do indeed want to repeal the second amendment; this is because they see it less as freedom and more as people being able to carry a f***ing gun in public. They don't have jihadists in congress, That's bullshit. Barack Obama's not on Al Qaeda's side, Maybe listen to a single speech of his to realise he's not. Also, I don't care that you're black, It's irrelevant.

    I'm sorry about being so pessimistic, But you believe some crazy shit, And it needs rectifying. As I already said, I'm not a democrat myself, Or a liberal. I'm a socialist, Which you're probably going to moan at anyway, But nonetheless I thought you may as well know.


  • For you, The rightists :)

    They were peacefully protesting for the lives of minorities. They are also not selfish an self centered by caring for other with e. G free health care and the green new deal which will save the planet.

    I personally think its stupid how a politcal party that don't bully, Harrass or lie can be called a terrorist group. They also respect women and don't rape young girls. The real terrorists are people who shoot up places and break into GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS!

    During blm, Lots of people were hurting because of the tragedy but some people were being gaslighted by the right side and undercover cops (which has been proven).

    I believe its true terrorism when you try to rig an election and then storm a building cause the guy you wanted didn't win. That literally sounds like fascism to me or at least not democracy.

    Personal opinion USA is fucked up. What kind of country is desensitised and ok that schools get shot up every so often? Like parents send their kids to school with BULLET PROOF BAGS. And a black or oriental person gets killed and its barely covered or believed unless there is full blown proof. If a man gets called a rapist or pedo, You just shake it off or victim blame. And lets not forget the 2nd ammendment right. Having the right to carry or shoot and kill someone but abortion is a sin and not allowed? Do you even see the hypocrisy? Seriously and also the rascism. . . . Americans were once people who migrated and stole the native's lands. And some were even refugees from the famine in Ireland. Honestly for a country that had to fight for the freedom from opression from the british, You sure know how to opress people. But thats just an opinion.

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