Are democrats angry at their own reflection?

Asked by: MitchV
  • It seems likely.

    Often times, People assume others think like they do. If I'm doing something wrong, The other side must be doing the same thing. Just look at the Trump collusion thing. We know, For a fact, That the Hillary campaign paid a foreign agent (Steel) to speak to Russian officials in an attempt to get damaging information on Trump (dossier). They spread numerous rumors about him (Trump) cheating on wives when we know for a fact Bill did. The part that owned slaves, Is making racist accusations. They are claiming that Trump and other republicans are racist/sexist/etc in an attempt to drive them away from republicans then claim that republicans are dividing the nation. They state how Trump should be careful with his rhetoric before someone gets hurt yet it's been the democrats who have been physically assaulting republicans. Recently, Hillary has been quoted in saying one cannot be civil with a political party that “wants to destroy what you stand for, What you care about. ” This is basically a call to violence. Thing is, It could also be read the other way by republicans. Many of us feel that democrats are trying to destroy what we stand for and care about so should we follow her advice and stop being civil too? No, But we should call them out on this actions.

  • I don't even know what that is supposed to mean

    The statement is very confusing, And I'm not even sure it is meant to be taken seriously, But here goes, I think most democrats are well meaning, Some are very angry and anger can be toxic if it is not controlled some democrats as with republicans are just there for power and stuff that they can get from the system, I think some democrats are idealistic, I think some want to blame their own problems on others they want the government to fix things they themselves broke, And some rightly or wrongly want to make the world a better place even if the policies they advocate are ill advises and counter productive, If you mean democrats are projecting their own faults on others? Then yes a few are, But this sort is everywhere on the spectrum

  • They have massive egos.

    A Democrat without a massive ego would not be a democrat. If you have a massive ego, Why would you hate looking at your flawless, Sexy face that's totally not ugly? Plus they have a billion positivity campaigns, Which become increasingly bullshit. It's to the point where there's more talk of pedophilia acceptance than furry acceptance.

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