Are Democrats most likely to favor providing aid to Syrian Rebels?

Asked by: nobledebate
  • The last I heard of Syrian rebels was that they murdered a teenager in cold blood over religion.

    Me? I'm not quite sure what to think of war in Syria. Before I state my opinion on the matter though, I think it's absolutely mandatory to make my position on Obama clear: The dude did quite a few things to upset me. The two things that tend to pop into my mind first is that he continued the patriot act and he has continued wiretapping.

    Syria? Well, I have mixed feelings. Obama did provide a valid point on the matter of chemical weapons, (I would certainly think warring a country over chemical weapons that exist is far more valid than the one we had over those imaginary WMDS) saying that if we're going to impose a ban against them, then we have to actually uphold it. Otherwise, what is the point in saying 'don't touch chemical weapons' if we just give anyone a free pass anyway?

    But, according to the government they haven't used them either. So, yeah. That's quite the mess we're looking at. Really, what I feel needs to be done is that we need to perform an investigation and get to the bottom of this. I'm not naive enough to think that war is clean and that civilians don't die, but we should be above using chemical weapons. Though there certainly is quite a bit of irony in America telling another country not to use chemical weapons after Bush Senior had his fun giving Saddam such toys.

  • Complete bullocks, dude!

    We the free thinking liberal people are angry as Hell about this Syrian war. Obama is a complete hypocrite and he has sold out the liberal voters. He has no right to be in the Democratic Party of America. Too liberal? Brah please, not liberal enough. Liberals only support war as a last resort and only under a strict set of conditions. I have to change my pants because I pissed myself laughing at this stupidity.

  • War is for Republicans

    US involvement in Syria is a Republicans dream and a Democrat's nightmare. Getting involved in Syria is just another way for the United States to show their global domination, which Republicans really enjoy, as we have a $700 billion defense budget. Plus providing aid to Syrian Rebels completely contradicts the whole war against Al Qaeda.

  • I don't favor providing aid to Syrian rebels.

    And I'm a socialist, about as liberal as you can be. (except for communist, but communism is a different type of liberalism, it's authoritarian liberalism. Socialism is libertarian liberism.) I think that the U.S. Has no right to get caught up in any other country's business. If the U.N. Or if more than one country decides to help Syria, then that's a different story, but no one country can have dominion over what any other country does, and they shouldn't get caught up in other countries' wars that don't concern them, UNLESS, more than one country decides to do something about it. For example if Syria is having problems, than I think the U.S. Needs at least one other country that agrees with them and wants to help the U.S. Before the U.S. Does anything about it.

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