Are Democrats responsible for America's problems?

  • America needs to wake up

    Wife and i , for years voted ,for candidates of both parties based on policies. After watching , democrats obstructionism , and the media bias, We will never ever vote for another democrat , period.
    Yes , we voted for Donald Trump, who may be best president ever. Glad we did,seeing the direction of the country now.

  • 150 years of the Democratic Party is the problem of America!

    Look at every major event in American history for the last 150 years and you will see it was the result of democratic parties policies! They are cause for racism in America with the advent of the kkk, they are the reason for the civil war, the reason for the federal reserve bank, illegal by our constitutional charter, they are the reason for both world wars, Vietnam, North Korea and all communist factions in. The world. How about all the entitlements ; social security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, food stamps. They are not the champions of civil right the republicans are! Who drafted the civil rights for minorities.... Don't worry I'll wait because it wasn't the democrats ever. Though they have audacity to claim they did.

  • Quite the opposite.

    The democratic party is certainly not responsible for the issues faced by the United States of America. If anything, it is the republican party that is the true issue. It can be seen across the world that the more liberal a country is, the higher the living standard of the people. It can also be seen that the more conservative governments are the ones that are the most oppressive and militaristic. The same is true for the more conservative republican party of the United States of America. It is the republicans who simply deny huge world issues such as global warming. It is the republicans who promote ideas that can be seen as very homophobic, racist, or sexist. It is the republicans who promote continued warfare. It is the republicans who promote citizens of the United States of America having to pay for simple health care. Barack Obama has run an excellent government, trying many times and in many ways to bring change for the betterment his country, but it was the republicans who struggled so hard to stop him. One of the worst examples of republican politicians going against every form of progressive belief imaginable is Donald Trump, who insults and bullies individuals or groups of people on the basis of race, sex, nationality, class, religion, or disability and is certainly not someone to be trusted with the power of the United States of America. However, this man is the republican candidate to become president of the country. Clearly, the public believes him to be the man who best represents this party, which in my mind says a lot about the republicans and their supporters. I believe that although the United States of America is lagging behind in terms of some basic human rights, such as free health care, a more liberal government, comparable to Barack Obama's, could help bring change increase the living standard in the country drastically. The people living in that country's borders deserve such a government, and currently, the democratic government is the one that seems to be able to most effectively embody that. I am not by any means a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but I believe that between her and Donald Trump, whose party would drag the country down and promote long outdated concepts such as racism, sexism, and climate change denial, I would choose Hillary Clinton in virtually any circumstance. All in all, the democratic party of the United States of America is not the cause of many problems, so much as the solution to problems created by conservative, republican mindsets.

  • No policial party is to blame.

    American's problems are not the fault of one political party or another; the issues run much deeper. American is facing problems today due to basic societal flaws. We are a nation of individualists that do not know how to control ourselves, which leads to greed and overspending. We have not learned how to help each other and improve the greater good for minor personal sacrifice.

  • No, I do not believe that democrats are the problem!

    The problem started when George Bush Jr. was in office. With some of his decisions, it started this depression and record deficit. I believe that democrats and republicans are equally to blame concerning our economy. When there are lobbyist who buy off our Congress and House, it represents what is in the best interest of big business instead of the American people!

  • No

    No I do not think Democrats are the reason for America's problems. I think that Congress in general is to blame. Both Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame because they cannot get along and get bills passed in legislature. Our government should be able to work together for the good of the people.

  • No.

    Democrats are not the cause of America's problems. If any particular group was focused in on, it'd be the republicans and their ignorance of commonly accepted economical principles. However, the true problem is both sides are completely unwilling to work in a true bipartisan form of government, and unwilling to compromise.

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