• We make mistakes.

    The Lord Our God is REAL - Therefore demons are real. That is the truth. Simple logic like fire and ice, day and night. If you are thinking demons are only in your mind then THINK AGAIN. They can interact with the living freely, but they are banned from this world unless someone is foolish enough to create a gate and summon them.

  • definitely

    "but we now know society, biology, and psychology contribute to these disorders, not demonic possession." That an illogical assertion. If those three things contribute, it doesn't follow logically that the fourth one does not or that the fourth one doesn't contribute to the first three. Anyone who believes in God or any spiritual reality whatsoever should acknowledge the likelihood that spiritual reality can include dark forces as well. As a practical matter, has anyone ever existed who has not experienced temptations that seem to enter the mind from some evil exogenous source?

  • Actually it makes more sense to believe in Evil and the Devil.

    Why? Because it explains why there is so much evil on earth and why some people listen to their temptations and bad thoughts.
    A friend of mine underwent several exorcisms and did not suffer from it. I notice he was more peaceful as a result and since then, he got a job, and got married. I hope he will have also children.

    Posted by: Ora
  • Demons are real.

    They are. We might not see them, but people become possesed and anyone on a christian standpoint understands. Just as someone said before, it's not like the way hollywood portrays them. They are simply fallen angels, followers of satan. When people think of demons, they think of red guys with horns that kill people, steal peoples' children or anything else. They torture people who think satanism is "cool".

  • Yes.

    But not in the way that Hollywood portrays them. They are not going to try to kill you, because they do not have a human body, but they are spirits around us putting negative thought in our minds and hearts. They will tell us to take revenge, to hate people, to take advantage of the poor, in general to do bad things. Ask people in jail o prison if they don't believe in demons. I have talked with inmates , they recognize that their acts where produced first by thoughts that were evolving to action. They exist, and they around you and me, when you are reading this and say; "what the heck this person is writing? Is he/she crazy? etc,etc. Is because Satan and his fellow spirits want you to not believe, is the way how they captured you. Making people think they do not exist.

  • Yes I think they are real

    I think they are haunting my house because weird things are happening lately and I feel negative energy and a cold air sometimes also I felt something pulling my shirt yesterday and my dog is barking in the air.... Also people say they haunt houses with teams with 3 demons

  • Yes they are

    I am going to make this short and simple. Have you ever played an ouija board? Now people are going to argue with, it is the ideomotor effect. Let's look at live streams, real things that have happened. Even if they are some how faking the board how do they explain the things happening around them. There are people who have been possessed by so called demons.

  • We are the demons

    If we are made in the image of god but can be influenced by the devil then that means that we are not purely good but at the same time not totally bad. Humans are demons and angels rolled into one. That is my belief. Comment your opinion on this.

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  • Wouldn't we all be possessed if demons wanted to?!

    Demons! They are obviously not real! We would all be possessed if they wanted to! This world wouldn't exist if demons and supernatural beings existed! Why? Because they'd be stronger! Now, I believe that supernatural beings do not exist, If you ask me those who believe in them are just wanting attention, For when they get "possessed"! Maybe for some it's a crutch, To not sin, Or do wrong. But for me, It's all mumbo jumbo!

  • No, they are not real.

    As with all other supernatural hokum, not a single record of demons or demonic possession exists.
    If you think such evidence exists, you don't pay attention to the real world, but rather one of imagination.
    To fear the invisible makes no sense. The unreal cannot harm you, but irrational belief in the unreal can harm others.

  • John tom w

    Demons are just fictional characters made by people a long time ago
    just to scary us in to doing what the Bible says all of us can believe in what we want to believe in as long as it's does not hurt anyone you can
    believe in demons it's just it looks all made up story's to me

  • If a demon wanted to possess me then why don't they or it do it just now.

    Also their is no proof that possession or demons are real so there for there is no proof if any of us are rich or wrong and only one of us are right. So what I'm trying to say is we should tell the facts and not our opinions well I guess opinions are good but still we need to say the facts

  • We used to believe that Zues was the source of lightning bolts too.

    Demonic possession is the ancient way of describing mental illness. When one had epilepsy 800 years ago, they were labeled as demonic and exorcisms were performed. Epilepsy is episodic and can be induced by stress, so an exorcism would likely exacerbate the epilepsy, giving off the impression that the demon was really squirming. They would continue to yell at, and splash the victim until he or she passed out. The next day, they would treat the person kindly and no episodes would occur due to fatigue and comparatively less stress. This would be labeled a successful exorcism. Thank the flying spaghetti monster that we have science and therapy now instead of ancient barbarism.

  • One big fat No, they are mythical!

    Scare tactics supported by the Christian religion to institute control over thoughts and actions. Fear and discrimination are tools most religious use. People make up theoretical ideas, many become popular and people will believe in anything.
    Something we don't want to believe is that humans could be so evil and scary enough they are capable of committing atrocities all by themselves.

  • It's in your head

    Stephen Hawking proved that God didn't create the universe, which states no god, which means no devil. Possession is mental illness; psychotic episode based on belief. True there are some things that can't be explained, but that's why we are in the universe. To find out. The real demons are within us who only come out when we make the wrong decisions.

  • Demons: an irrational belief

    Of course demons do not exist. There is no evidence of anything even close to a demon existing. People are too quick to place blame for one person's actions on something that immediately removes all free will from the situation. If a person goes on a killing spree, it is not demons that caused it, it is that person's mindset and beliefs. A while ago, people attributed neurotic disorders to be demonic possession, but we now know society, biology, and psychology contribute to these disorders, not demonic possession. If someone is a serial killer, they are not demonically possessed. They MAY have the conviction that they are possessed, leading them to that behavior, or they may have a malfunctioning amygdala (or other brain structure).

  • Medicine versus Demons

    It's simple. People who think that demons exist have to explain why a demon cannot overpower wrist constraints on the bed of the so-called possessed person. I thought these were supernaturally powerful beings, right? We can't they just loosen the constraints, supernaturally, the way they supernaturally possessed the person in the first place?

    Furthermore, why is it that people who take psychoactive medication have their "demons" dialed down? Is it that demons, in order to manifest their powers, must be in the presence of a certain brain chemistry? Again, these supernatural beings are not more powerful than chemicals? It doesn't add up, at all. Use the principle of parsimony here and realize that demons are not a real thing. Instead, the idea of demons in the heads of some people is real, but there is no external supernatural force. It's just mythology and it's simple not real. Deal with it and move on with your life.

  • The devil is mythological being that has nothing to do with the real god

    The devil came with a early understanding of god and people try to carry their traditional religion believing that religion should not be changed for any reason. For that reason we have the same consciousness levels as the people that lived before us giving us the same results in the world as those people. I urge you to listen to your deepest feelings and to live and act to your own personal fulfillment.

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