• Yes, of course.

    Development programs are definitely beneficial for the poor. Do you think most poor people enjoy living in poverty and want to continue doing so? No, most would like to make a name and life for themselves and live a better, more productive, healthier life. Of course it is beneficial to them.

  • Yes, I think developmental programs are beneficial to the poor.

    I think developmental programs in general are focused on improving a certain area of the economy or adding new areas for businesses to expand to which increases the quality of jobs and salary of the local area, I think overall everyone benefits with the correct implementation of developmental programs in a community.

  • They can be

    Sometimes they don't work. However sometimes they can be beneficial. I'm not sure exactly which programs the question is addressing. For example, in an Economic Development Zone, businesses are given favorable tax statuses for coming to specific areas. One such area has an Ikea which opened a few years ago. Ikea hired workers to staff the store. Other jobs were created to build the store. We shop there because there's less sales tax on the goods. So this is a beneficial developmental program.

  • Development programs are beneficial to the poor

    It is my opinion that development programs can be beneficial to the poor. I feel that building up the communities of poorer neighborhoods encourages more successful businesses to invest in the area and create more circulation of wealth. This would create more jobs, which would benefit the poor who are in need of employment.

  • They can pull themselves up.

    Yes, development programs are beneficial for the poor, because they can gain real life skills, including job skills, that can help them get better jobs. Some courses, like nutrition courses, are not worth anything and are a waste of money, but nursing programs, welding programs, and other job trades can help the poor.

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