• What A Waste

    Jewelry is really a waste of money and I think diamond engagement rings will become a thing of the past. The jewelry and gold industries created this tradition and people fell for the marketing. As a woman, I couldn't care less and I certainly wouldn't want my significant other wasting money on such a thing.

  • No - Tradition is everything.

    When it comes to love, I truly believe tradition to be everything. A lady will always want that special moment to be like her mothers or grandmothers. Being a man, I would never offer anything but a diamond engagement ring, as I feel it shows my commitment to the relationship.

  • Diamond Ring Is Every Girl`s Dream

    Diamond engagement ring is every girl`s dream. It`s so romantic and nice and I don`t believe anyone can think this is outdated. I truly hope to receive a diamond ring on my engagement, as my mum has, my grandma and all my friends. It`s a tradition and is as symbolic and important as the wedding ring tradition.

  • I hope not!

    I don't think they should be anyway! Diamonds are forever, correct? That's how I believe the saying goes anyway. When I get engaged someday I hope I get a diamond ring. It doesn't have to be huge or expensive, but just a cute and thoughtful one. It's a traditional symbol!

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