• Diamond vs coal

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  • Diamonds are worth more money.

    It depends on your definition of valuable. Diamonds are clearly worth more money because the price of coal is fairly low. However, coal is used for energy. This is extremely valuable for those who use it as their only energy source. Overall I would say diamonds are more valuable though.

  • People pay more for diamonds.

    Yes, diamonds are more valuable than coal, because something is worth only as much as someone will pay for it. Coal is more useful, without a doubt. But diamonds go for very high prices. If given the choice between 50 pounds of diamonds and 50 pounds of coal, the wise person would take the diamonds and then sell them.

  • Diamonds are more valuable.

    Diamonds are more valuable. Coal that is used to heat is being reduced and hardly used as the economy is trying to avoid the use of coal. The more need for things that are environmentally friendly and coal is not one of the resources that is being used and going out of style. Diamonds are more of a value to humans as they are the hardest material thing known to humans.

  • Diamonds Help Industrial Processes

    Diamonds are more valuable because they are the hardest substance known to humans. Diamonds can cut through thick carbon steel, can act as heat shields in outer space, and can serve as inert materials for several industrial processes. Coal, the building block of diamonds, is used to heat water to turn electrical turbines. Coal, as a fossil fuel, is going out of style as green energy sources become cheaper. When coal is no longer viable as an energy source 20 years from now, diamonds will be much more valued for their industrial uses as opposed to their ornamental prowess as jewelry.

  • You can actually do something with coal.

    Coal is more valuable than diamonds, because diamonds aren't really that rare. Diamonds have been sold to a public, who were told that they had to spend two months salary on them for an engagement. You can actually do something with coal. When you are cold, just sit around and look at your more valuable diamond.

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