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  • No, bloated defense spending is the problem.

    Congress wastes far more on pointless defense spending, such as over $1 TRILLION on the flying turkey F35. Although there is some abuse research has shown that the vast majority of benefits are received by the needy. Benefits are not as plush as some think, they are barely enough to survive on. The disabled suffer enough without being thrown in the gutter. A society that can not take care of its disabled is a society that should not exist.

  • No, but lots of undeserving people receive disability benefits.

    Compared to other spending, disability payouts are a needle in a haystack. But, that doesn't change the fact that many people who receive disability are not disabled to the point of not being able to hold a job. They simply located an attorney who knew the wording to use on the application.

  • No, they are not.

    While I am sure that disabilities shells out some good money here and there, it is nowhere near enough to make the US economy as bad as it is. We are broke because of bad choices, and constantly having to owe money to other countries, like our very large debt to China.

  • No, try defense spending, bailouts and other expenses.

    Disability benefits may account for some of our spending, but they probably don't even come close to the billions if not trillions of dollars that are going to the military annually. Other money wasters are countless corporate bailouts, Congress's constant pay raises and foreign aid being given out to many countries. Let's not forget the two biggest expenses draining the US coffers right now: both the Afghanistan and Iraq War. Remember, wars cost money and these two are probably the costliest ones we have ever run in the history of our country and probably the main reason why we're in debt to China.

  • No the payment of federal disability benefits is not bankrupting the United States.

    The while it is true that a record number of working Americans ( and their dependents) have applied to collect federal disability checks they do not present systemic risk to either the Social Security or the federal government. The increase in the numbers disability claimants is the slow pace of the economic recovery after the second worse recession in US history.

    The assets of the Social Security Disability Insurance trust fund are current sufficient cover the program's payments over the next ten years which gives Congress time to address the issue.

  • No, they are not.

    Disability benefits are not making us broke. People have those benefits because the cost for helping those with disabilities is extremely high and expensive. It would be unfair to say they are making us broke. The benefits are helping many people, and are the only reason some of them can even get from one place to the next.

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