• Disposable Diapers Are Easier and Cheaper Than Reusable Diapers

    Reusable cloth diapers were abandoned in the mid-20th century because they did not work as well as thew newer and better disposable ones. Disposable diapers come with easy hold-together tabs and extra-absorbent material that is designed to block smell and keep babies safe. There is no good reason why one would use a cloth diaper on the baby now that we have a better alternative.

  • What is most important is to continue the natural expansion of the human race. Trash disposal then you s a comparatively minor issue.

    Enviro-wackos opined that cloth diapers were better, until they discovered that people need hot water and bleach to properly clean them. So what then really matters, is the number of baby's bottoms needing to be diapered? What a ludicrous argument. The correct answer to "cloth or disposable diapers?" seems obvious then. Whichever makes it easier for parents to have larger families, so that more and more people may experience life. Disposable diapers for convenience, or cloth if it helps save money.

    Avoid the nasty contraceptives that directly pollute the human body, and let human life spread naturally.

  • Disposable diapers are disgusting.

    Disposable diapers are disgusting. It is amazing that after all of these years
    of civilization, humans haven’t invented a better way to dispose of waste than
    disposable diapers and toilet paper.
    Washable cloth diapers would be a more environmentally friendly solution
    if someone would create a cleaner way to wash them.

  • They're as explosively awful as the matter they contain.

    Disposable diapers are a blight upon the environment. Very little of them are known to degrade naturally in landfills, and with this planet's never-ending population explosion eventually we're going to run out of room for them! Reusable cloth diapers are better for the environment, and also better for the baby than wrapping them in a plastic shell laden with chemicals and synthetic fibers.

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