• Yes, they are definitely better.

    Yes, doctors are definitely better than holistic medicine. Holistic medicine is untested and unproven. Medicine is a science and has decades and centuries of tests and analysis to back it up. Holistic medicine is unproven folk remedy and tales. In some cases, the holistic methods could even be harmful or cause someone not to seek proper treatment.

  • Doctors are better than holistic medicine.

    This is far from even debatable. Doctors have to undergo years of rigorous schooling and training to be considered qualified for their position as doctors. People who practice holistic medicine have to read a book that may or may not be written by credible sources to "practice" holistic medicine on others.

  • Only so much

    There's only so much that holistic medicine can actually cure, and although there are some unsavory elements of the medical field, doctors are ultimately well trained and well educated enough to provide proper medications and diagnoses, whereas holistic medicine has time and time again proven itself to be little more worth than a placebo.

  • Yes, I believe doctors are better then holistic medicine.

    The science behind holistic medicine is not sound and is very controversial while compared to a regular doctor with regular practices which are much more efficient and effective for a patient, I think anyone suffering a serious illness should immediately see a real doctor instead of trying holistic methods to cure it.

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