• Without doctors we could die

    We need doctors and we need to help them as much as we can their only human and they have there own problems too. They help people day in and day out they see people pass away which is the worst thing for anyone to see but for them it's worse because there doctors and it happens more then we see it happen and they fight to save our lives so yes it's necessary to have doctors and any medical professional they are very important and paramedics and doctors can suffer a lot of mental illness because of the things they see so us as a country and as a team need to look after them.

  • Doctors ID and fix problems we cannot.

    Doctors are not necessary in the way a longer life is not necessary. Seeing as most sane people wish to not die, doctors are necessary to achieve that goal. Without doctors, we would not be prepared to either fix or prevent the awful things that may happen to us medically. Further there are merely more diseases identified, not more in existence... And so there are more ways to live a better life by treating the problems.

  • Yes, a modern society needs doctors.

    Doctors gain a particular skill set and a wide range of knowledge about illness during their medical training, and these can be used to aid and comfort people who are ill or injured. Doctors are repositories for the world's knowledge of successful treatments for diseases and injuries, and provide clearinghouse for those with a complaint.

  • Yes, their skills and training make them very valuable.

    Yes, doctors are really necessary. The reason they go to medical school is to receive training and education that gives them knowledge and skills that non-doctors do not possess. Many ailments can be treated by home remedies, it is true. However, the most specialized knowledge that doctors hold (setting bones, surgically repairing or removing dysfunctional body parts, etc.) cannot be replaced.

  • Doctors can be helpful but are not necessary.

    I find that most ailments I suffer from can be taken care of by myself with the proper knowledge of home remedies. Home remedies are generally safer than the drugs a doctor would prescribe, just as effective or more so, and doesn't cost hundreds of dollars. Most doctors today are glorified drug dealers willing to throw a pill at anything.

  • No they're not.

    There has never been so much scientific investment in human history yet there has never been so many diseases. Mankind was healthier a few centuries ago. Most scientists dont respect nature their deflated egos want to manipulate and dominate it. As a person who has spent too much money on doctors with few to no results I believe that we are indoctrinated into thinking they are indispensable. Not only are they not, but they're not in charge of our health, WE ARE. Most doctors seem to only spit knowledge learned in schools without a clear understanding of our problems. The automatic answer is often a pill, that leads to other negative effects, who cares since they get PAID. I have seen people who breathe health and got better AFTER stopping going to the doctor and relying strictly on Nature and The Most High. I think the very few doctors that can be reliable are those who totally respect Nature and acknowledge its Creator, not those who try to play God. And I still wont but my total trust on them, as they're not essential to good health. Im on a journey, and am totally through with doctors, period.

  • Why are we paying the little man?

    Why do we need doctors when all they do is refer to a consultant? If this were a private enterprise we would take away the little man . My GP doesn't really help, he now Google's answers etc and asks me to do the same. Is this really what we are paying handsomely for?

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  • A glorified database and some basic if-then statements.

    We live in a world filled with disease. That is not up for debate. Modern medicine is built upon thousands of years of history, trying to figure out how the body works and how we can fix our many ailments. With that in mind what person could possibly know all of it? None. So why have a person do it at all? With advancing technology like IBM's Watson and the sheer number of Medical Databases available, I do not think there is a way to justify having Doctors around while a Nurse with a laptop can do the same work for half the price. Their training is more than adequate for common injuries and diseases, and any other information they might need can be found. Not to mention the benefit of not depending on a human being's flawed memory of the relevant class they took years and years ago.

    In short: Doctors are Nurses that cost a ridiculous amount of money. We do not need to pay extra for someone with a different title.

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