• Doge master dab

    Look into the doge eyes are they lying go into the universe no magic of the doges it is so much magic the eyes with the magic so cute magic doge is a warrior it is the universe in your eyes you can see it look the eyes dont lie!

  • Doges suck. I HATE THEM

    Doges suck, they promote hate because memes can be used to shame others, also the dog seems like its judging you and many people are very self conscious and does not like to be judged. Doge is just a stupid name, it decreases the sales of dodge vehicles because they sound so alike and self conscious people who have considered buying a dodge will not like it as it sounds like dodge and people will not like driving around a meme. This dog is also yellow, which supports asian superiority and i believe that all races are equal so this doge is offending me.

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