• Dogs are WAY better than cats

    Dog: mans best friend cat: mans awkward room mate that poops in a box. A dog will fetch the ball a cat will sleep. A dog will save you from a fire in your house, a cat will quietly sneek out the back door. Dogs will comfort you when you are sad, a cat doesn't care.

  • Heck Ya PEOPLES!!!

    DOGS aren't boring cats sit around taking up the couch. Dogs love you and are in my opinion much cuter than cats. Dogs are more useful than cats. Dogs can do tricks and pull sleds, herd animals, protect your house, do search and rescue. There are police dogs, military dogs, service dogs. Cats can also be useful. Like they can ... Ummmmm... Pee in boxes.

  • Ya! I think that dogs are better than cats

    Dogs, best friend of humans are loyal and very entertaining as they love to play with people especially Golden Retriever as this kind of dogs are VERY funny and adorable. But there are a few disadvantages as dogs must be walked weekly or mabe even daily, so that you’ll need a lot of time to do the job. But cats are a different story. They are alot less interactive and they are also too shy to do things. Cats only eat, climb and sleep. You don’t need to walk it daily. So if you’re deciding to have a pet, consider about your time and your affordability.

    -by Myles

  • Dogs are better than cats.

    Dogs run and play while cats just sit around and do nothing. When you are feeling sad dogs come and cheer you up, do cats do that? NO! When I was crying my dogs came and licked away the tears. Cats tongues hurt. So yeah, I think dogs are WAY better than cats.

  • Yes, duh! #dogsforlife

    Dogs are way more playful and fun, they do things like fetch and they cuddle with you. Cats just sit around all day and sleep in the sun. Also, cats can get aggressive if they are not in the right mood. They scratch you and make you bleed. Who wants a pet like that?

  • Cats and dogs are both awesome

    In my opinion, both cats and dogs are equally great. While dogs are likely a better family pet, as they're more likely to get along with kids and kids would probably be less bored with them, cats can be better for people who have small homes and don't have time to give a dog the attention and care that it would need. Generally dogs are used for more things, such as police dogs and service dogs, but that's because they're easier to train than cats, which, while being a definite advantage, doesn't necessarily make them a better pet. Don't get me wrong, I have a dog and she's the best and I love her, I'm just saying that cats are just as good. It really depends on what you want in a pet.

  • People are way too biased against cats. Neither is better than the other. And it all really boils down to which one you're compatible with.

    Dogs will automatically love you and want to play. For cats, You trust and love is something you have to earn from them. In a way, They can help you learn a bit people as well as respect and boundaries. People say cats can be lazy, But dogs can be equally as lethargic. They say cats make a mess, But so can dogs by urinating everywhere and tearing up furniture. This brings me to another point: cats are potty trained. You know where to find all of their waste, Making it much easier to clean up. Their personality types are far more diverse than what people think; arguably more diverse than canines, Who pretty much just run up to you and lick your face. My mother has owned both dogs and cats (mostly strays). She's pretty much an expert. Some felines can be brash and wild, Some are shy and attentive, Some are hands-down cuddly, And some are lazy. I do love dogs, Though. They are amazing friends, And you can talk to them without feeling like an idiot. The same thing can be said about cats, Too. I don't prefer one species over another.

  • Cats are better company than dogs

    Cats love to play, They are a great company. Also they are independent, They use their litter box and you can clean it when you have the time, They can also be left at home, They prefer that actually, So you can have activities with friends or even travel and you know they will be all right -for a while- by themselves.

  • I like both!

    Cats are more independent. They are just happy with some food and water and toys, and need very a little attention. Dogs on the other hand, are more dependent. They need lots of attention. It's a big time investment to train a dog, but I don't think cats are boring pets, although I think a gold fish might be.

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