• Dogs save life's.

    My ex-girlfriend´s dog came running to the living room barking and started to pull my pants and the father of my girlfriend´s pants too. She, the dog, was running along the corridor and barking. We decided to go see what was happening when the dog lead us to my ex-girlfriends room where she was having a seizure. Seizure´s can be deadly and she saved my ex-girlfriends life that day.

  • Because dogs can be your gaurd

    First of all whenever we think of dogs we automatically think of the phrase "man's best friend." Dogs have an insane sense of loyalty to their family and their owners, and make it their job to protect their owners. Their also very aware of their family and being around them. For example when a family goes out and the dog has been left alone do you ever notice when the family returns how excited the dog gets to see their family? A dog jumps up and down and wags their tail and cries. This kind of reaction is solely based on their unconditional love for their family. And shows how much the family means to them. There have also been cases where dogs have helped people who drown, or even ward off an attacker to protect humans. Dog's make sure that no matter what the situation that it is a safe environment

  • Dogs are better as companions than as cats

    Dogs being of a canine rather than a feline persuasion are not good as cats, yet they are pleasant and loyal companions. Therefore they are better companions than they are cats, whereas creatures of a feline nature make wonderful cats. Canines in general are unable to be cats as they lack the necessary feline features.

  • Dogs are better pets

    Dogs are better because they can go indoor and outdoor and cats don't like to go out that much. Dogs can tell you if somone is there cats sleep in the day time they won't tell you if somone is there. Dogss can sniff out bombs and drugs even if you have cancer cats can't do that. In my opinon i like dogs better. I hate CATS!

  • Dogs are better. Kjm572030

    Why dogs are better because they play with you and they are not lazy like cats.Why cats are not my favorite because cats leave fur balls around the house. Cats have smelly litter boxes.Dogs are protective of their owners.If someone tried to hurt a dog a dog could beat the person up.

  • I think dogs make better pets.2345

    I think dogs make better pets because they warn you of a fire or if your in danger.Dogs cuddle with you.And they help you. Dogs can sniff for drugs and stuff . Dogs can play with you and cats are lazy and sleep all day.That is why dogs are better pets

  • Dogs can help people

    Dogs can help people by warning people with a fire and people brake in and cancer and mold and insects and drugs. Also dogs got 220 million sent cells and dogs help people when they almost drown in deep water and I had a cat he dumped my food on the floor and my grandma had a cat when I was 4 it scratch my eye.

  • Dogs can help people walk and things

    There is serten tipes of dogs. Gaurd dogs help people cats are small and arn't trained to do that.Dogs are bigger than cats so if somone was blind the cat probably woulden't know what to do but dogs are trained to walk people who are blind. Sence dogs are bigger then cats and they chased each other the dog would chase the cat. Dogs are better.

  • Dogs are better than cats

    Dogs they stay by your side they bark to tell you if someone is by.Dogs give you kisses and cat don't give you kisses they just sleep all day. Dogs stay up all day that is good then just sleeping all day and you can't see see your pet.So that is why dogs are better.

  • Dogs are better than cats

    Dogs can sniff out drugs cancer and bombs. Dogs can cuddle with you.
    They do tricks cats don't do tricks. Cats don't come when you yell for them. Cats don't warn about fire a robber. Dogs cuddle with you when your sad. They lick you when your sad. Thank you

  • Dogs and cats are equal

    Dogs are not better than cats nor cats better than dogs. My reasoning being both animals help someones life. Take a deaf child for example, the purring of a cat can help them feel so much comfort. Then a blind person, a dogs guidence can help them move around and live their life.

  • Cats are better!!!!!!!!

    Cats are better than dogs because you don't have to potty train cats. Cat don't chew on shoes or rip pillows apart. My dog is always peeing in my room and on my bed even thought we train them so well. Dogs have to take baths. When it rains it is like they purposely go and play in the mud just to make the house a total mess!

  • I say yes

    I have a cat and she was loyal up until her dying day on October 1 2014, she was only a year and a half but she always cheered me up and never did anything wrong. Unlike my dog she was quiet and loving orale of the story, love your cat

  • Cats are self reliant

    Cats can pretty much take care of them selves when the chips are down. I know dogs can be trained to fight but cats already have that instinct breed into them. They can also hunt for food while outside by themselves without their owner. My can is constantly leaving presents at the door (birds, lizards, and sometimes the lucky rabbit). I don't see dogs doing that.....Ever.

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  • Cats are better.

    Cats are better than dogs because at home cats are playful because they are fun and awesome and cool and they like to play and jump around every were and it is awesome it is so cool how they jump around every were and I love it so much love

  • Qww ss ss.

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  • Cats are better.

    Cats are better because cats are lovable more then dogs are not. Cats play with you more. Dogs eat your food and they knock stuff over and cats don't knock stuff over.Cats don't scratch at anything. I don't like dogs.Cats are better then dogs and dogs scratch at your couch.

  • I Like Them Both the Same

    I would like to first say: I DO NOT LIKE CATS BETTER THAN DOGS. And: I DO NOT LIKE DOGS BETTER THAN CATS. I am arguing on the no side because the question is if dogs are better companions than cats, not cats vs. Dogs. For this reason I say no, they are both GREAT companions. Oh, and also, SOME cats are better companions than SOME dogs, and vice versa.

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