• A dog is way better than a cat.

    A cat doesn't do anything with their owner. A dog is playful and always loving toward its owner. Dogs can do cool tricks. People can take dogs hunting, for runs and social events. Cats are not fun; they don’t do anything but lay down. A dog is energetic and always wants to play. Dogs can be used as helpers for the blind and companions for wounded veterans. Cats don’t connect with their owners like dogs do. Dogs can be mean but it all is about their owner. If the owner trains the dog to be mean, the dog will be that way. Dogs that are forced to fight repeatedly act that way toward people because of their owner. Some people argue that cats are better because they require little training and never get dirty. For most dog owners, they love to give their dogs bath’s because it gives them more bonding time with the dog. People who love cats because they don’t want to deal with cleaning them all the time and train them are lazy. For most dog owner’s it’s the time they get to have with their dogs even if it’s cleaning the mud off of them that counts and is the happiest moments of their lives. Dogs may bite but that’s an easy fix, train the dog not to do that. It may take some time but it’s worth it. Cat owners can never get the same connection between human and animal like dog owners. Like the saying always goes, dogs are man’s best friend.

  • They are more playful that cats. They're more playful, happy and you can walk them for exersize for both. #MansBestFreind

    Why would you want a claw scratching, hissing lion, bird killer pet? If you do, you're weird. And probably in a nurses office, cats are very vicious, they bite and scratch, they also don't want to walk, so you are just dragging an asleep cat, speaking of asleep, cats do nothing but nap and sleep, but dogs are up and active, and that's why we think dogs are better than cats. :)

  • Dogs are companians and cats are pets

    I think dogs definitlty are better company thans cats because cats continualy run out of the house. Despite the fact that dogs are hard to deal with for instance walking them cleaning them and finding and buying all the supplies needed i think dogs understand emotions and can connect better with the owner. Cats on the other hand are good pets however i feel its hard to really get close to a cat as it barley stays in the house and it carries fleas. Overall dogs are much better company and can be trained to a higher standerd for things like death people and the blind, so they are both great comoany but have a good heart and vrankly a better connection to us humans.

  • Yes, of course dogs are better than cats.

    Dogs help the elderly and the blind. Dogs also protect people by being guard dogs. Dogs are better then cats because casts scratch and bite witch leave marks. Dogs bite and scratch but only for attention. And dog bites and scratches don't even hurt. They don't leave a mark or anything. That is way dogs are way better then cats.

  • Of course dogs!

    You always need a buddy at your side, and if your that kind of co-op guy, you neesd a dog to protect you, and give you love, and play with you. It was noted earlier that dogs are smarter and uderstand humans more, so thats why you would get a dog.

  • Yes they are better

    Dogs stay with you and they are your best buddie. They also protect u rather than cats dogs actually attack and cats just meow. You actually need more protection and dogs will do that. They also help the blind,elderly, and death. This is my opinion and dogs are better than cats thank u,.

  • Cats are so much better than dogs!!!

    A dogs bite can be fatal but a cats is not. Dogs cause trouble by running doors, jumping, tugging, barking and biting. Cats can fetch, train, walk on a special cat leash,are quiet, cost much less money, are very active. Cats do not need constant care. There are so many kinds of cats and the mixed breed. Cats give there lives to save people and other pets. Dogs whine and bark. Dogs lick most people dont like that. Cats are sooo much better.

  • They can always find a way to cheer you up.

    They canbe helpful in many difrent ways. They also work very very hard in many difrent ways. They can guide the blind they can also help special needs in my opinion dogs are the best and most people think that dogs are tthe best and i agree with that thats why i think dogs are better pets.

  • Dogs are better than cats

    Studies show dogs love their owner 57.2% more than cats.Also you don't see cats going into fires or serving the army all they do is sit there.Science also proves dogs reduce stress and help mental,internal,and physical health and or pain.Lastly, dogs will risk their lives for their owners if cats see an intruder they will run.There is a lot more great facts and science defending dogs but i have to work on my project about dogs (im at school)And this is coming for an 11 year old.

  • Dogs are better!

    The battle that has been going on for years. Are dogs better than cats? Sher cats are fluffy but dogs save lives! Do you recall that the one dog in the military saved the lives of him,his master,and 7 other people,Some dogs go into space to explore,and dogs save their owners from fires too. Three reasons are that dogs can save lives,they can help you,and they can protect you and other people.

    My first reason is that dogs can save lives. Like the story I told you earlier, there is a dog that works with the fire department. It’s like there is a dog for every occasion right? Dogs are even in the force. They risk their live to help our country.Don’t you think we should thank dogs for saving our lives?

    They can even help you like these dogs. Other dogs can help you whether they are trained or not.Dogs can help you if your sad. Once when I

    was sad my dog came up and gave me puppy eyes. That helped me not be sad anymore.

    My last reason is that they can protect you and others. Once again military dogs and dogs in the force fall into this category to. Cop dogs help to solve crimes. They need to use their noses to sniff out gunpowder,the sent of the criminal,and they can find the criminal with that dog.

    So my advice you should get a dog they can protect you, they can help you,and they can even save your life. These are the reasons why you should GET A DOG!

  • Dogs are the worst and scariest creatures in the world.

    Dogs are the worst and scariest creatures in the world

    because they are very hard to take care of. They are also

    disgusting and dirty. Finally, the bigger they are the more

    their teeth hurt.

    The first reason that dogs are so bad is that dogs are

    very hard to take care of. For example, you have to pick

    up after them. Whenever you walk your dog, you have to

    pick up after the monster and that takes up time and

    energy. You have to walk it every single day. I barely have

    a minute to spare with so much to do. It takes at least half

    an hour to walk a dog. One of the most important reasons

    is that you have to constantly pay attention to them. You

    can't leave them alone for a second! Having a dog is very

    tiring work.

    Secondly, they are disgusting and dirty. One example

    of this is that they lick you. One of the most disgusting

    factors of a dog. They go up to you, stick their tongue out

    at you, which is full of germs and bacteria and they infest

    you! They put all their disgusting flees, fur, and germs onto

    your body! Also, they jump on you. They pin you down and

    stop you from doing anything. All so you can suffer. Some

    people say this is natural. It is disgusting. No one wants to

    get sick just because of a dog. Sometimes they even litter

    on you. They put germs and trash and any other dirty they

    can find and they throw it onto you! Everything about them

    is disgusting and dirty.

    Finally, and most importantly, the bigger they are the

    more their teeth hurt. If you see a dog that is big you

    should be afraid because they can pin you down. They

    tower over you like a big, giant monster. One time, my

    aunt almost got eaten, bitten and licked to death by a

    crazy dog. Luckily, my mom saved her by calling animal

    control. If you see any kind of dog, back away slowly

    because you don't know what dogs are capable of.

    As you can clearly see, the most horrible and and the

    scariest creatures on the planet are dogs. If in the future

    dogs are no longer pets but wild animals, people will be

    relieved of responsibility, pain and less people will get

    allergies. Dogs will always be the scariest and worst creatures in the world.

  • Cats of course!

    You don't been to train them or take them out for walks! And actually they are a little bit cleverer than dogs because they can look after themselves more. Cats can't hurt people as much as dogs and don't bight, just scratch. Dogs have to be put down for biting but cats don't!

  • Cats and here's why

    Cats may be a little lazy sometimes but that's ok I respect both opinions but I'm going with cats I love dogs and cats. There both amazing awesome creatures. I like all of your posts dog lovers and cat lovers I think cats. I am just a lover of cats.

  • Cats Are Way Better than Dogs

    Dogs are always barking and have saliva coming out from there mouths. EWW! Cats are more elegant and calm they are also cute and cuddly whereas dogs are too hyper and will always jump on you and run around that is my opinion on this topic and i personally LOVE cats

  • Cats are sweeter, and better educated

    Would you prefer a large muddy dog jumping onto you while barking loudly, or a purring cat curled up on your lap? With a dog, you need to be there every day to walk it, feed it, entertain it. But a cat can take care of itself. They don't need baths and they can even catch their own food.

  • Cats are better than dogs.

    Some people might say that dog is a man's best friend. I question that statement. I am not being biased or prejudiced against dogs but cats are cuter than them. Cats are also generally cleaner than them because they wash themselves while dogs rather dive in a mudpile and get dirty. Cats are independent creatures unlike dogs who can't live a second without it's owner. And hello, dogs are TRAINED to do stuff like helping elderly and whatever. In the wild, I bet they could only last a week without someone helping them out. You say you need love, can't a cat do that? It's only your way of thinking that affects how you love your pet. Dogs can understand human speech, oh sure...Might just as well tell it to go buy food for you. Besides, research proves that a cat improves your health when it purrs, just make it happy! Personally, I was once a dog lover as well, but ever since I watched how affectionate cats can be, my thinking changes to be: Cats are the best!

  • Cats are way better

    Cats are cleaner
    Cats are less slobery (real fact)
    Cats purr
    So many health benefits like: lower blood pressure, Reduce heart attack, And lower stroke risk, Lower stress and help with depression
    Cat people are more intelligent (real fact)
    Cats have a smaller carbon footprint (real)
    Watching cat videos is good for you (real)
    Cats are cleaner
    Cats are trainable but they don't really need to be
    They cover their poop
    You don't have pick up poop with a bag
    No need for walk but you can train them
    Cats don't hate people
    Some cats don't run away from people just bring lots of people to you house to get it used to people
    Cats are much quieter
    Cats don't destroy your home if you give them a scrachig post
    Cats are cheaper, Even cheaper than small dogs
    Watching cat videos is good for you and that's a fact
    Cats have saved lives before even seach it on Google
    Cats have taken out dog species but dogs never took out a cat species

    These reasons are why they are better

  • Cats are better than dogs

    Cats don't need much space
    They are not as loud
    Watching cat videos are good for ( true )
    You don't have to pick up their poop in a bag
    You don't have to walk them but you can train them
    Cat have saved lives before
    House training is easier because cats usually know how to use the litter box
    They are much cleaner than dogs
    Kittens are easier than puppies
    Cats don't have to be trained too much all they need to know is their name but if you want to train them it is doable
    Cats don't need so much attention
    ALL cats fit on laps dogs that are big usually can't go on the couch
    Cats purr
    Cats have so many health benefits like: lower blood pressure, Lower heart attack risk, Help with stress, Help with depression, And lower stroke risk
    Not all cats hate water, There is a breed that LOVES water
    Cats don't hate people
    Cats have taken out dog species
    Cats are less slobery (real fact)
    Cats are cheaper to own, Even cheaper than a small dog
    Cats have a smaller carbon footprint (real fact)
    Cats don't take up as much space

    In conclusion cat have proven to be way better!

  • Yes and yes

    Dogs are better because they cuddle, cats on the other hand are bad because they bite you if you even touch for like a fraction of a second. They will also hiss at you as a warning. Cats are also lazy, because when their owner comes home they will just sleep. While dogs are so energenic.

  • Ridiculous reasons are not why you get pets

    Most people say dogs are better than cats because if a stranger invaded and came into your house, the dog would guard and defend. This is a COMPLETELY stupid reason. People don't get pets to guard their homes. They get them to keep company or have somebody to love. Cats are also more independent which is perfect for an introvert like me. Dogs also have to go outside and sometimes they howl and bark in the middle of the night! Dogs also steal your food and cost more money. Dogs need to take baths while cats don't. Also, some cats do care. I had a very talkative cat that was amazing!

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