• Dogs are the best

    Though i do love my cats dogs are better. Maybe its just that my cats hate me and are always lay on my clean clothes. My dogs are always there for me. My three dogs love me so much and i think they are slightly better. Dogs are the best.

  • Dogs are crazy

    So you are walking your dog then suddenly you are dog takes off after a squirrel DRAGGING U WITH IT and then u end up in the ER with a bunch of scrapes and bruises and cuts and maybe a broken bone or 2
    (ok i know this is a little comic based but what if u had a dog that's pretty big and strong like a husky. . . )

  • Cats are much calmer

    Cats are a lot more easy going and tend to be lazier. Although they may not be as easy to cuddle with or keep around furniture, They're objectively much cuter and a lot nicer to have around the house, As opposed to a dog who shares most of these traits but dogs are more energetic and loud, So cats are nice for me because they're more of a calm lazy pet to take care of.

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