• The are beautiful

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  • They cuter than u

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  • Yes yes!

    Yes dogs are cute there fur is so soft and you can rub it. There faces when there are making there puppy faces is so freakin cute. Certain types of dogs aren't that cute, But just in GENERAL dogs are cute, My opinion so don't reply sis sis sis!

  • They r coot

    Duh they are the best and most fun animals in the world imagine cuddling with them its so amazing u can train them teach them tricks and go on nice walks and always know that you have a loyal friend beside u at all times to be happy with a dog

  • They are the best

    I have 2 dogs and they are the cutest things on earth. Many many people would agree with me. They give you comfort when you are sad and lonely. When I am sad all I have to do is look at my dogs and I don't feel sad anymore. Thank you to all the people who agree with me

  • They are cute

    Think about the naughtiest thing your dog ever did. For me, It’s the time my dog Ralph got into the kitchen cupboard while I was out and tossed a bag of flour all over the house. I was frustrated when I came home to a find flour ground into the carpet, But then Ralph looked up at me with those big, Round eyes, Flour dusting her adorable nose, Her sweet, Soft ears flopping over as she tilted her head…how could I stay mad at a face like that?

  • They are amazing!

    THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! THEY ARE ALSO THERE WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. ThEY ARE THERE IN YOUR DARKEST OF HOURS. They are way cuter and nicer than cats! They will/are your best friends! They are nicer than cats because cats scratch you and are mean and they are also vicious. I love dogs!

  • Gross. Who even would like these?

    I'm proud to say that I put dogs to sleep whenever they come to my door. They are possibly the ugliest hate group supporting animals I have ever seen. Do you even think that those beady eyes and fake skin are real? If you liked them so much, Then why do you eat hot dogs? Hot dogs literally have "dog" in their name. This is obviously because that they bake dogs on the street (even if they're an owner to somebody) and sell them to the public. These things can't even be described as animals! (by the way I support deforestation and trophy hunting)

  • Every dog I've come across has been obnoxious and disgusting

    Oh boy, What a wonderful chance to get a bunch of vile liquids all over me while dirt covers my body from them being dumb. Then, I get to look in their eyes, Begging for sympathy despite having literally done nothing right in my proximity. Not to mention the fact that they pee and poop all over the place unless they're outside.

    Snakes and cats are better.

  • They're so messy

    They're so extremely messy, And they slobber all over you, It's super unsanitary. Why do so many people love spit from an animal all over themselves? Yuck. Sorry, But no. You people need to get cats. They're so much better, Trust me. Thanks for reading my opinion. Don't come for me.

  • Cute dogs are occasionally.

    But some are ugly bastards.
    And some are vicious bastards too, Which isn't a particularly attractive trait.
    I'm also not keen on short haired uncastrated dogs with prominent bollocks, That's not especially cute!
    Dogs are also often keen to partake in human leg based simulated sexual activities, Which I also find somewhat lacking in cuteness.
    They also eat their own vomit and are not averse to both rolling in and eating the faecal extrusions of other creatures.
    And they lick their own arses.
    So I certainly wouldn't advise any sort of tongue based interaction with the little cuties.

  • They r ugly and u r toooooo

    They should dy and u should toooooooo fmf fmf fmf mf mf fmf mf mf fmf mff mf fm fmf fmf mf fmf mff mf fmf mf mff mf fmf mff mf fmf fmf fmf fmf fmfmf frmf fmf fmfmf fmfmf fmf fmfm fmfmfmf fmf fmfm fmf fm fmmf mf

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Th3D3bat3r says2019-04-14T00:36:19.613
Some dogs are cute and nice like people, Some dogs are ugly and mean like people.

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