• Yes, dogs are super loyal.

    Dogs are among the most loyal creatures, willing to stand by masters that might not even treat them well. Dogs are so intelligent and they have a great capacity to love. It all comes down to their love of food, but it comes across as supreme loyalty to their respective owners.

  • Yes, dogs are very loyal.

    Dogs are more loyal than most people give them credit for. Dogs are loyal to their humans as well as to their pack which often includes housemate pets of another species. While dogs may fight with their siblings or housemate pets, they will always be ready to stand up for their humans and pet mates.

  • Yes, dogs are more loyal than most people think.

    Yes, dogs are more loyal than most people think because they tend to love whoever they live with. A dog will not stray too far on purpose. Dogs will always stand up for their masters, even if it means sacrificing their safety. They are truly the best friends a man could have.

  • Yes, they are

    Some dogs are so special and so loyal, and unless you've experienced it, you may not realize how wonderful they are. I got in a car accident once and was in pain, and my dog didn't leave my side for two whole days. When our family dog passed away, my dog knew I was grieving and stayed with me calmly and quietly. They are so loyal.

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