• Well of course they are

    Dolphins are as smart as humans, but come on that was a pretty low bar to jump over. Humans are not smart, just yesterday I tried to microwave a wet sock because I thought that would make it dry faster, now all the food I microwave smells like sweaty feet.... I also knew this one guy who voted for Obama in 2008, 5 years later - BAM.


  • Smart, but not that smart.

    Dolphins are pretty smart cookies. But if they were as smart as us, they'd have civilizations, jobs, technology, etc. They'd be playing on their underwater equivalent of iPhones during recess at their school or college. They're one of the most intelligemt creatures out there, but not #1, which is us.

  • They are not.

    If they were as smart as us, they would not be hunters, they would be raising their food in farms, which is easier than hunting every time you are hungry, farming the food for their food, and the most important thing, they would have gone from forming tribes (and I'm being pretty loose here, as all they have are small groups) to bigger societies long ago.
    Also, they lack a distinct culture that varies between groups of the same species, and a better organization and structure in their groups.
    Being trainable is not a sign of having a higher intelligence. A gold fish can be trained, yet no one is saying it is as smart as us.

    Posted by: Rafe

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countzander says2013-08-10T20:32:17.460
How can anyone say yes?