• Limited Domestic Intelligence Programs are Constitutional

    The US Constitution does not ban all searches of citizens and their property, only "unreasonable" ones. Thus, the legal framework exists for a limited domestic surveillance program to exist in the United States. However, historical examples both within the US and in other countries show that such a program can become dangerous, and must be limited and subject to strict oversight.

  • Yes, domestic inelligence programs are constitutional.

    I think that domestic intelligence programs are constitutional. I do not see anything wrong with such programs. As long as the rights of citizens are being respected, then such programs should exist, I also think that they help keep the citizens of the country to be safe and protected by threats.

  • Not without cause.

    No, domestic intelligence programs are not constitutional, because they search people's information without a warrant. Even if a person is talking about seemingly unimportant things, the government might be collecting information on who is calling and when, and they might use that information to try to control us, or to influence our opinion.

  • Domestic Intelligence Programs Are Not Constitutional

    Domestic intelligence programs are not constitutional. They are intended to promote peace and safeguard Americans against any terror attack, but it takes away from the freedom that we experience today in America. Many programs have been initiated in the wake of terrorists attacks like the 9/11, one program would be the NSA. At the same time, these surveillance intelligence programs are unconstitutional because they eliminate freedom and liberty, which is the way of the American life.

  • Some practices by domestic intelligence agencies are un-constitutional.

    There are many things that have happened since the fear of terrorism and thus the empowerment of the scared white man. The most obvious is the invasion of privacy at the airport. Domestic flights requiring x-rays is a bit extreme, and doesn't really deter anyone. However, the question directly relates to domestic intelligence programs, and I will assume the NSA and the metadata. The NSA had the full support of legislation gained from the Patriot Act and the NDA. However, just because you are violating everyone's rights, does not make this OK. This is still a blatant violation of the Constitution and the people are still letting it happen.

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