• Way too wealthy

    Trump's cabinet plans go completely against the purpose of government, which is to create a system that benefits the vast majority of the people. Trump cabinet is basically sending a message that he doesn't care about the common man, and is instead looking to load the pockets of big business, including himself.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Donald Trump’s Cabinet is really white and really rich. Trump's Cabinet makes up the world he's been in his entire life: wealthy, white, male-dominated and business-minded. Funny. Every educated reader realizes that almost all of the US Congress is predominantly white and rich, right?? While Obama put together the most diverse Cabinet ever, some women in his White House still felt marginalized. The concerns reached the president himself during his first year in office, leading him to hold a dinner with senior female advisers to discuss his administration’s boys-club image.

  • Donald Trump's cabinet picks are too wealthy

    Donald Trump has selected the wealthiest cabinet in memory, and this promises to be harmful to the U.S. Wealthy cabinet members stand to gain more by undoing government regulations of the businesses that have made them wealthy. In many cases these picks have proposed elimination of public goods and services in favor of the private sector, where they themselves became billionaires.

  • Yes, Donald Trump's cabinet picks are too wealthy.

    Yes, Donald Trump's cabinet picks are too wealthy. It is important for the people chosen to serve in presidential cabinets to empathize with average people so they will be sure to keep their best interest in mind. By choosing exceedingly wealthy people to his cabinet, Trump has demonstrated he is out of touch with most Americans.

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