• Does it really matter?

    I have a huge distaste for tabloid journalism. I personally do not care who is dating who, it really is not any of my business or anybody else's business. Whoever Drake is dating is not my worry. I am tired of seeing twenty news articles about stuff that is not even news worthy.

  • Yes, proof is in the pictures

    The Proof of Drake and Hailey Baldwin dating is in the pictures flooding social media. It would be hard for the two to deny the rumors after repeatedly being photographed together at various restaurants and events. I think it is only a matter of time before they publicly announce that they are in fact together.

  • Drake and Balwin are just having fun.

    It's impossible to see inside a relationship when you don't know the people personally, but I do not believe that Drake and Hailey Baldwin are actually dating. Instead, I think they are just hanging out, messing around and having fun together. These two are complete opposites, so a lasting relationship just isn't going to happen.

  • No, just paid publicity.

    This chick is pathetic. So desperate to have a career in something. Her PR team works overtime trying to make this trick happen but her lack of talent in anything other than Instagramming and dating prevents actual fame. She only gets press because she is the spawn of a 3rd most popular Baldwin.

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