Are drilling restrictions put in place by environmentalists to blame for reducing the United States oil supply?

  • Yes, but protecting the environment is more important than the U.S. oil supply, and that's all environmentalists are trying to do.

    Environmentalists are protecting the earth as a whole, and what will be best for all of us in the long run. They are not worried about supplying the country with oil. The world needs to find another energy source, and better recycling methods, to protect what little natural environment we have left.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Yes, drilling restrictions limit the supply of oil, because oil companies are disallowed to drill where they know there is oil.

    Environmentalist have made it harder for oil companies to supply the U.S. with the amount of oil it needs. Oil companies know where a lot of oil is, but can't get it out of the ground because of restrictions. If they could drill in ANWR, for example, we would have a lot more oil on the market and lower prices.

    Posted by: GaudyTory37
  • Environmentalists have definitely been instrumental in placement of drilling restrictions in the United States which cause us to be more dependent on foreign oil.

    Environmentalists have definitely caused strict drilling restrictions on the ability to drill for oil in the United States. Now, with all of the unrest in some of the oil producing countries, it is more important than ever that the United States drill for oil in our own country. We need to be more independent from foreign oil producers. Also, the high cost of oil is causing harm to our economy which is in dismal shape at the present time. Some of the restrictions that now apply need to be changed.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • Drilling restrictions prevent us from utilizing our own natural resources thereby reducing our overall oil supply.

    Environmentalists have yet to strike a balance between their concern for the earth and the reality that our entire lifestyle depends on the availability of inexpensive fossil fuels. Changing that reality will take time, money and, unfortunately, more oil. Drilling restrictions not only reduce the U.S.'s supply of oil but they also make it more difficult for us to address those environmental concerns that are legitimate.

    Posted by: SpoiledKelly
  • I believe the restrictions are to blame for reducing our oil supply; without them, we could greatly reduce or do away with our importation of crude oil.

    We are forced to import a large amount of crude oil from Middle Eastern nations, which we would be better off not dealing with at all. If we didn't have restrictions on drilling, we could supply our own demand. There are plenty of oil reserves around our country that we could tap into without having to buy oil from other countries. It is ridiculous that we don't ease up on these restrictions.

    Posted by: bakuharusan
  • Yes, drilling restrictions put in place by environmentalists are to blame for reducing the United states oil supply because we have restricted places here that we could potentially drill. This forces us to import our oil and make other countries richer.

    Yes, drilling restrictions put in place by environmentalists are to blame for reducing the United States oil supply because we have a huge amount of oil in our country. Prime example is the moratorium on drilling in the gulf after the BP spill. One reason we are drilling so deep is because of environmental restrictions on shallow water drilling. You ban drilling or restrict it and it cost us all more money and jobs.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • I dispute the notion that environmental regulations choke domestic oil supply, because the increase in our supply would be minimal.

    Even if we lifted all drilling regulations now, and started drilling away, our domestic oil production would increase by less than 5% in about 20 years. 5% wouldn't help us now, much less a generation from now. What's killing oil supply is the fact that everyone on the planet wants it, including booming car markets, like India and China, and the fact that U.S. drivers simply refuse to do anything about their miles per gallon.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • The drilling restrictions are necessary to protect the environment, and the people who live in it.

    Just like chopping down forests destroys the ecosystems of animals, oil drilling and related projects run a high risk of harming the individuals who live in the area. We should really be funding the EPA, not destroying it. The ramifications for destroying our environment may not be immediately apparent, but they will show. Let's work on finding alternate sources of energy, or even, perhaps, funding mass public transit efforts.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • Drilling restrictions are saving the environment, and to eliminate them would not be the solution to our energy problems.

    Environmentalists were right to rally for drilling restrictions. The environment needs to be protected, not robbed of all value. Even in restricted areas, there is limited oil, and robbing this natural resource will not solve the nation's energy problems. Instead, the U.S. should be exploring other means to generate power beyond oil, such as wind, solar, water, and coal.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • No, environmentalists are not to blame for the reduction in US oil supply.

    Environmentalist want to ensure that we do not destroy the earth and leave the next generation with nothing to look forward too. Placing restrictions on drilling can help avoid disasters like what happened in the Gulf last year. Many people suffered and so did all the wild life. Who is to say when the ocean is even going to recover. What we need is an alternative for oil.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • I disagree that drilling restrictions are to blame for reducing U.S. oil supply; diminishing amounts and increased consumption are the real problems.

    We in the United States are consuming huge amounts of oil, reducing the overall supply. Imports from other countries, OPEC nations, are also lower than they were previously. Limiting drilling for environmental reasons may be a factor in reduced supplies, but not as much as the above listed reasons. It is important that there are restrictions to protect the environment.

    Posted by: labeqlarp
  • The environmentalists are trying to help us not hurt us!

    The people of the United States are greedy and unable to reign in their unyielding need for oil. The Middle East knows of our addiction and plays us like the addicts we are by controlling the supply available to us thus controlling the price we pay. We need to concentrate on new forms of energy and break our uncontrollable dependence upon oil. We control our own destiny and unless we choose to give up things we will always be at the mercy of others. The recent control being given to the Republicans via the landslide victories enjoyed by them in the last election is an indication of the stupidity of the American Public. The Republicans put us into an unjustifiable war and thrust us into financial ruin yet we give the keys back to the idiots responsible because we don't want to pay taxes yet refuse to give up anything the government provides to us. How exactly is this supposed to work. President Obama has been given only 2 years to clean up a mess the Republicans took 8 years to create and it's not enough for the American Public. Truly sad!

    Posted by: AndonNic3r
  • Drilling restrictions put in place by environmentalists are not a reason for reducing the United States oil supply.

    The problem is not precisely supply. The problem is excessive consumption of energy. The current drilling activities plus activities in friendly countries are more than enough, even they exceed desired levels.
    But, consumption is increasing creating more of a need to drill. You should reduce consumption of oil, look for other forms of energy and empower mass transportation.
    No more unrestricted drilling please!

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • I feel that the United States lack of being proactive in identifying alternative fuel sources is really the problem, and not drilling restrictions.

    While I agree there may be a shortage of oil, I also feel that the primary reason for the current shortage is not drilling restrictions, but the lack of foresight and planning of the country in not identifying alternative ways to extract oil, in addition to identifying alternative fuel sources.

    Posted by: Quibarce

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